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Autonomous Continuous Flow Reactor Synthesis for Atom-Precision with Scalability (AutoFlowS)

Project Details

Principal Investigator

There is a critical need for efficient scale-up of atom precise synthesis products to quantities that enable full characterization of the structure-composition-property relationships and for scalable deployment of important material for key applications. Coupled with new instrumentation design, robotics, and in-operando interconnected analytical tools, automation and intelligent discovery of synthesis pathways is feasible and can potentially bridge the gap for scale-up of new materials. AutoFlowS is a system targeting this capability using an autonomous continuous flow chemistry framework that translates high-quality lead molecules and materials to quantities that meet scalability demands. At its core the continuous flow synthesis platform can design its own viable synthesis pathway to a particular molecule or material and then autonomously carry it out. Ultimately the goal is to enable enhanced automation of all aspects of the scientific discovery process: from hypothesis generation to the design of experiments to testing hypotheses to execution of physical experiments to the analysis and interpretation of the results. First applications focus on deuteration of materials, site specific functionalization and sequence-controlled copolymerization.



Group Leader, Macromolecular Nanomaterials Group
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