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Claire Marvinney, Quantum Heterostructures Group

“When I started at ORNL two years ago, the room that is now my lab was completely empty. During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to start a lab from scratch with the help of a great team.”

Marvinney holds a PhD in interdisciplinary materials science from Vanderbilt University. In her third year as an Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellow at ORNL, she is engineering and manipulating coupled phonon-emitter and quasi-particle-emitter phonodynamic and electrodynamic systems to provide pathways for developing quantum sensors and computation platforms.


Yun-Yi Pai, Quantum Heterostructures Group

“What I love about working here is that I’m able to work very closely with many brilliant staff scientists, as well as other postdocs, who are experts in their own fields.”

Pai holds a PhD in physics from the University of Pittsburgh. In his first year as an ORNL postdoc, he is performing optical characterization in extremely low temperatures on a variety of systems, such as using defect centers in nanodiamonds as a hybrid quantum sensing system. He studies materials such as ruthenium trichloride, which is candidate for possible platforms for quantum information processing.


Vidya Kishore, Advanced Composites Manufacturing Group

“The best part of being at ORNL is that I get to work with such a diverse team of experts. There's always something new that I'm learning all the time. The collaborative environment here is wonderful for both professional development and for enriching technical skills.”

Kishore holds a PhD in Energy Science and Engineering from the University of Tennessee (Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research). In her second year as an ORNL postdoc, she is working on large-scale multi-materials additive manufacturing using thermoplastics, foams and composites, and on developing dissolvable polymers for large-scale printing.


Daniel Kneller, Single Crystal Diffraction Group

“I love what I do because, as a public servant, I'm tasked to solving public problems. Coronavirus has us all on our toes, but we can leverage the resources we have as a community to help design better therapeutics to fight COVID-19.”

Kneller holds a PhD in molecular genetics and biochemistry from Georgia State University. In his second year as an ORNL postdoc, he is studying major drug targets of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus using protein neutron crystallography.