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Corporate Fellow

Stan Wullschleger

Environmental Sciences Division


Stan Wullschleger is a distinguished scientist in ORNL’s Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate and Climate Change Science Institute. He serves as the national project director for the US Department of Energy’s Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments–Arctic, a research initiative that seeks to improve climate models by addressing the physical, chemical, and biological behavior of permafrost-rich terrestrial ecosystems on the North Slope of Alaska.

Since joining the laboratory in 1990 as an Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, Wullschleger has performed pioneering research in climate change, the genetic basis for bioenergy crops, carbon-water cycles, and molecular ecology. Throughout his career he has combined his training in plant physiology with interdisciplinary approaches. His work has been characterized by early recognition of emerging research needs and the application of novel approaches to meet them. He has pioneered new techniques to study environmental change, such as incorporating genomics into studies of plant physiology, characterizing the genetic basis of bioenergy crop development, and mechanistic modeling of carbon and water cycles at local to global scales.

He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles, co-authored 19 book chapters, and co-edited one book, leading to 8500 citations. He has also delivered more than 200 invited talks. He was associate editor of Tree Physiology from 2000 to 2007 and continues to serve on the editorial review board. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Colorado State University and his doctorate from the University of Arkansas.

He was named a corporate fellow in 2013.