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To simply read the content of an RSS feed just click on one of the feed or podcast names below. If you want to receive updated feeds or podcasts automatically, you'll need to subscribe to them using a feed reader or podcast software.

RSS Feeds  
News Releases
The latest news from ORNL
ORNL Review
The lab's research and development magazine
ORNL in the News
News items about or related to ORNL. These items do not reflect the opinions or views of ORNL staff or management.
Event Calendar
Technical meetings, events, and presentations

A little more information...

What is an RSS feed?

"RSS" is short for "Really Simple Syndication," "RDF Site Summary," or "Rich Site Summary"--depending on whom you want to believe. RSS feeds often include headlines, news, events, blog entries, recent excerpts from discussion forums--usually information that is updated fairly frequently.

An RSS feed is just a simple way to summarize and share web-based information. The RSS file isn't made for people to read; it's basically a "news map" designed to be read by a piece of software and then re-published in a people-friendly format.

Individuals often use RSS "feed readers" to keep up with breaking news or recent developments related to topics they're interested in. Media organizations use the feeds both to monitor news and as another means of delivering their content to consumers.

RSS feed readers (RSS and XML feeds)

RSS feed readers are available, often for free, from a number of sources. Wikipedia provides a fairly detailed overview of RSS feeds and readers, as does c|net..

The folks at FirstGov provide a simple tutorial that should help you get you up to speed with feed readers. BBC News provides a similarly useful primer.