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ORNL in the News

ORNL in the News

Using 3D-printed molds to create unitized window forms
(Building Design and Construction) COOKFOX designer Pam Campbell and Gates Precast's Mo Wright discuss the use of 3D-printed molds from Oak Ridge National Lab to create unitized window panels for One South First, a residential-commercial high-rise in Brooklyn, N.Y. Jan. 12

Artificially altered material could accelerate neuromorphic device development
(Nanowerk) Researchers from Oak Ridge and Argonne national laboratories, Tampere University and the University of Hamburg applied complementary many-body theoretical methods at multiple computing facilities to obtain new insights into VO2’s interactions with different types of point defects. AZO Materials also shared the news. Jan. 12

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll
(Yale Environment 360) The experiment — a collaboration between the U.S. Forest Service and ORNL — features 10 open-top glass chambers. Each is 30 feet high, 40 feet in diameter, and designed — by controlling temperature and CO2 levels — to mimic what will happen to boreal peatlands under various global warming scenarios. Jan. 11

FORNL talk Jan. 11 on electrified infrastructure
(Oak Ridger) Richard A. Raines, director of the Electrification and Energy Infrastructures Division of ORNL, will speak at noon Tuesday, Jan. 11, to Friends of ORNL on “An Electrified U.S. Infrastructure Ecosystem: Opportunities and Challenges.” Jan. 10

Multi-Axis Machining: Beyond Mainstream
(SME) Scott Smith, the group leader for intelligent machine tools at ORNL, working with the MDF, made a point we can all relate to: “NC machine tools, which were once rare and expensive, are now common—yet they did not completely supplant manual machine tools, which are also still common and useful.” Jan. 10

HyBlend project to assess hydrogen compatibility with pipeline materials and operations
(Green Car Congress) Led by NREL — with participation from ORNL and other national labs — the two-year HyBlend project will assess hydrogen compatibility with pipeline materials and operations and deliver important information regarding long-term impacts. POWER and H2 View also shared the news. Jan. 7

The Climate Report: The road to safer, greener & more accessible transport
(GovInsider) The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US is using AI imaging to identify vehicles which consume more fuel, GCN reported. It is also training traffic lights to change their timings, so they send these vehicles through traffic faster. Jan. 7

ORNL researchers find way to keep vaccines cold for longer
(WATE) Oak Ridge National Lab researchers say they’ve figured out a way to make sure COVID-19 vaccines stay super-cold for long periods of time while they’re being stored or transported. Cooling Post also shared the news. Jan. 5

40 Under 40: Amy Elliott innovates in 3D printing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(News Sentinel) A scientific leader in the field of inkjet 3D printing of metals and ceramics, Amy Elliott's work is expected to transform advanced manufacturing in automotive, aerospace and other industries. Her numerous patents and co-authored papers, along with her innovations, make her one of ORNL's most accomplished innovators. Jan. 6

Video: 3D Printing Rotors for Electric Motors
(Additive Manufacturing) Amiee Jackson is a researcher with Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, and in this video, she discusses her work in producing rotors via laser powder bed fusion. Rotors are usually made by winding a conductive alloy. Jan. 5

40 Under 40: Leah Jacklyn Broussard explores the fundamental forces of nature
(News Sentinel) Leah Jacklyn Broussard grew up on a Louisiana farm with cows, crayfish, and sugarcane. Now the realm of fundamental physics is her work and her playground at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. With her experiments she seeks the places where our models of physics break. Jan. 4

Susan Hubbard Named ORNL Deputy for Science and Technology
(Inside HPC) Susan Hubbard has been named deputy for science and technology at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory effective March 1, 2022. Jan. 3

Moe Khaleel to Oversee National Security Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(ExecutiveGov) Moe Khaleel, formerly deputy for projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will lead ORNL’s National Security Sciences Directorate as an associate laboratory director. Jan. 3

Meet the outstanding young professionals in the 40 Under 40 class of 2021
The Knoxville News Sentinel’s Business Journal named ORNL’s Leah Broussard and Amy Elliott to its 2021 class of 40 under 40 winners. Jan. 3

Sand, surf and science: 7 of the best beach stories of 2021
(Cosmos) A superstrong sand structure could be used in aeronautics, according to new ORNL research. Jan. 3

How Do Scientists Find Something That Doesn’t Exist Naturally?
What is an isotope and how do scientists find something that doesn’t exist naturally? ORNL nuclear engineer Clarice Phelps explains in a segment for CBS Mission Unstoppable, show geared toward STEM engagement among girls. (Re-aired) Jan. 1  

Melissa Allen-Dumas & Breaking Down Climate Change One Neighborhood At A Time
(CleanTechnica) The world is full of “huge, gnarly problems,” as Oak Ridge National Laboratory research scientist and musician Melissa Allen-Dumas puts it — no matter what line of work you’re in. That was certainly the case when she would wrestle with a tough piece of music. Jan. 1

YSU lands $2.3M grant for research
(Tribune Chronicle) The partnership with YSU also includes the Blairsville, Pa.-based National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, the organization that manages America Makes, and ORNL. Jan. 1

Superheavy science: ORNL’s actinide abilities enable the discovery of new elements
(STEM Magazine) When it comes to unveiling parts of the periodic table yet undiscovered, ORNL is doing some heavy lifting. A combination of unique facilities, people with specific skills and expertise, and a storied history has the lab leading the effort for superheavy element discovery. January 2022 issue