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ORNL in the News

ORNL in the News

ORNL researchers develop way to recycle lithium-ion batteries safely
WBIR reported a new process to safely recover critical materials from spent electronics and electric vehicle batteries that would be used to manufacture new lithium-ion batteries. June 11

DOE scientists deploy creativity, speed to disrupt COVID-19
An R&D World story describes an ORNL-led team, comprising researchers from multiple DOE national laboratories, using artificial intelligence and computational screening techniques – in combination with experimental validation – to identify and design five promising drug therapy approaches to target the SARS-CoV-2 virus. InsideHPC also carried the story. June 11

How Scientists are Using VR to Study the Coronavirus
A story in The Information profiled ORNL's Andrey Kovalevsky and his research team working on one of the many remaining mysteries surrounding the coronavirus: how to shut down one of the viral proteins that would stop it from reproducing. Business Today and The Hustle also carried the story. June 10

ORNL’s unsung discovery of messenger RNA?
The Oak Ridger reported on the lab’s historic work in mRNA research. June 8

Summer Camps and more at The American Museum Of Science and Energy
A segment on WATE’s Living East Tennessee featured science-related summer activities where ORNL’s role in NASA’s Mars 2020 mission was mentioned as an influence. June 7

UT, ORNL and TVA join together to launch tech startup accelerator
Several area outlets — including the Associated Press, Business Insider, News Sentinel, WATEWBIR, the Oak Ridger and the Chattanooga Times Free Press — covered the announcement of a new startup accelerator through the partnership of ORNL, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the University of Tennessee System and Techstars. June 3

ORNL Director Dr. Thomas Zacharia speaks about lab's success in 2020
In a video by Knoxville’s News Sentinel, ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia speaks about the success Oak Ridge National Lab saw during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 at the 2021 Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit at the University of Tennessee. 
June 3

TVA key to Oak Ridge meeting Department of Energy objectives to cut carbon output
The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported on early discussions by TVA and ORNL to build a small modular reactor near Oak Ridge on the Clinch River. Yahoo! News also ran the story. June 3

ORNL-TVA-UT partnership brings industries of the future to Oak Ridge-Knoxville region | Opinion
Tennessee’s three largest newspapers — the Tennessean, the News Sentinel and the Commercial Appeal — carried a guest column co-authored by ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia about the new technology accelerator. June 3

ORNL Analyzes Use of 3D Printing for Geothermal Energy Production shared news of ORNL using 3D printing to produce specialized tools for geothermal energy development. June 3

Robertsville Middle School students prepare for satellite launch
WBIR reported on the RMS RamSat project and the ORNL scientists that volunteer as technical mentors. June 2

Oak Ridge City Schools to receive $1.2 million grant
WVLT, WATE and WBIR reported on the announcement of new funds for an Oak Ridge Schools partnership with ORNL's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility. June 2

Adriana L. Romero-Olivares Tracks Fungi’s Response to Climate Change
A profile story posted in The Scientist includes a quote from ORNL ecosystem ecologist Camille Defrenne. June 1

Changing Winds: Emerging Wind Turbine Technologies
An article for Power Magazine mentions the ORNL and NREL partnership with GE Research, GE Renewable Energy, and LM Wind Power to deliver a full-size 3D-printed blade tip that will be ready for structural testing. June 1

Is hydrogen really the way forward for trucks?
A story in’s Money Control section quoted ORNL’s David Cullen from a fuel cell catalysts study. May 30

Chromium ions can form clusters in molten salts
A story by Chemical & Engineering News mentions X-ray scattering and theoretical simulations performed by an ORNL-led team for the study. May 27

New 100-foot wide mural almost complete in Oak Ridge
WBIR reported an update on the project, which will include a portrayal of ORNL scientists and researchers. May 26

Xanadu Lands $100 Million as Investments Pour Into Quantum Computing
A story by The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal section briefly mentioned ORNL’s connection to the quantum technologies company. 
May 25

State approved $8M for UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute
The Oak Ridger reported on the Tennessee General Assembly’s 2022 fiscal year budget including funding allocated to the institute, which was formed to align ORNL and the University of Tennessee efforts in support of world-leading research and talent development. The story includes a quote from ORNL Laboratory Director Thomas Zacharia. 
May 25

ORNL partners on science kits for kids in rural East Tennessee schools
A story posted by the Oak Ridger covered an event at Midway Elementary School to demonstrate activities from Learning Lunchboxes, a project between ORNL, DOE and the Center for Science and Industry. ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia was quoted in the write-up. May 24 

Giving traffic jams the heave-ho with the help of A.I. and data
Fortune’s podcast Brainstorm featured ORNL’s Jiboananda Sanyal whose computational urban sciences team is working on ways to put collected traffic data to use. 
May 21

QT/ Future sparkles for diamond-based quantum technology
Medium’s quantum news biweekly, Paradigm, included a quantum physics brief about a study that used crystals grown by ORNL researchers. 
May 21

Oak Ridge lab leader says further investment key to U.S. leadership in supercomputing
FedScoop posted a story about ORNL Gina (Georgia) Tourassi’s testimony during a subcommittee hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology about the importance of the nation’s leadership in exascale computing to further basic and applied science innovation. 
May 21

Veterans Affairs says no evidence of data loss from SolarWinds hack
A story by Federal News Network about potential impacts of the SolarWinds cyberattack on Veterans Affairs mentioned the lab’s research and development connection with the VA. 
May 21

Why are antivirals so hard to develop?
A web version of this story by Chemical & Engineering News included a quote from ORNL’s Marti Head about antiviral drug design for HIV and COVID-19. 
May 20

ORHS scores $1.24M grant
A story by The Oak Ridger mentions ORNL has a collaborator with the school system’s iSchool integrative ecosystem learning model. 
May 18

Toyota, GM Sign Tech Partners to Expand Vehicle Advanced Driver-Assistance Capabilities
EnterpriseAI, an advanced computing news webpage, reported on recent driver-assistance technologies adopted by automakers, which extensively quoted ORNL’s Robert Patton about General Motors’ recent licensing of ORNL’s MENNDL software for machine learning network development. 
May 18

Recycled Material Printing, Bioprinted Cartilage, Workable Tungsten: 3 Exciting New 3D Printed Technologies to Keep an Eye On
ThomasNet Insights reported on ORNL’s recent industry collaboration to 3D print large components with recycled materials. Includes video. May 18 

Astrophysicists Launch Largest Sky Survey Yet To Map the Universe
The Smithsonian Institute repurposed a news release about creating the largest map of the universe, which mentioned use of ORNL’s Summit supercomputer as part of the research effort. May 17

How To Save Money on All Your Monthly Expenses and Bills
A round-up posted by Yahoo! Finance briefly mentions an ORNL study that highlights ways for drivers to improve fuel efficiency. The story originally appeared on gobankingrates.comMay 17

ORNL delivers Learning Lunchboxes to Midway Elementary
WATE covered an event at Midway Elementary School to demonstrate activities from Learning Lunchboxes, a project between ORNL, DOE and the Center for Science and Industry. WBIR and WVLT also covered the event. ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia was interviewed for WATE and WVLT stories. May 14

Security framework for protected data allows researchers to tap Oak Ridge supercomputers
A GCN story focused on ORNL’s National Center for Computational Sciences’ new framework called CITADEL, which is designed to protect private or health data via certain security protocols. May 12

Energy labs build digital twin for modeling traffic congestion relief, energy savings
A story by GCN details a collaborative project led by ORNL centered around traffic congestion data studies in Chattanooga, Tenn., toward reducing vehicle energy consumption. May 11

Inside Tennessee: Interview with Thomas Zacharia
WBIR-TV interviewed ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia on the Inside Tennessee program about his vision and plans for the lab and region. part onepart twopart threepart fourMay 10

Tennessee recruits record business projects during coronavirus pandemic
Chattanooga Times Free Press coverage of business growth included comments by Thomas Zacharia on how East Tennessee can become more of an innovation hub utilizing the resources of ORNL, the Department of Energy's largest lab, along with TVA and the University of Tennessee. May 7

Find out which Knoxville business professionals are making big career moves
On the Knoxville News Sentinel’s list are Cynthia Jenks, new associate laboratory director for the Physical Sciences Directorate, and Stan Wullschleger, ALD for the newly formed Biological and Environmental Systems Science Directorate. May 3

UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute to receive $8 million as part of state budget
A WBIR story reported on the Tennessee General Assembly’s decision to invest $8 million in the institute so it can continue working on difficult scientific and technical challenges. April 30

Inside Tennessee: Discussion including Jeff Lyash, TVA (link unavailable)
WBIR’s Inside Tennessee broadcast featured TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash who mentioned nuclear power R&D in collaboration with ORNL and other activities such as Techstars. The host also teased Thomas Zacharia’s scheduled appearance on the show next week to discuss, among other things, the UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute. May 2

General Motors Licenses Neural Network Tech from National Lab
Nextgov posted a story about General Motors licensing an AI system known as MENNDL from ORNL for automotive use. Other coverage includes WATEAI BusinessGM AuthorityInsideOODA LoopR&D WorldEnterprise AIHPC Wire and Green Car CongressApril 27

Oak Ridge National Lab licensing artificial intelligence software to General Motors
WATE posted a story about General Motors licensing an AI system known as MENNDL from ORNL for automotive use. AI Business also reported the story. April 27

Mars Rover uses ORNL-produced tech (link unavailable)
WBIR’s ongoing coverage of the Mars rover Perseverance reiterated ORNL’s role in producing Pu-238 and other technologies used in powering the rover’s instruments. April 26

The space industry’s David vs. Goliath
POLITICO Space, a weekly newsletter about the second space age, mentioned ORNL’s upcoming Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space meeting. April 23

Quantum Computing Hits Growing Pains
A story by IoT World Today mentioned ORNL’s Ali Passian and Neena Imam about their report concluding that successful development of edge computing will rely on next-generation nanosystems, which are conducive to quantum effects. April 20

To predict wildfires, look to the hills
In LabRoots, a leading scientific social networking website, a story about a new technique that could improve wildfire predictions included a quote by ORNL’s Eric Pierce. Smart Water Magazine also reported on the study. April 20

MU’s Baskett Research Center works to understand how our forests breathe
The Missourian (Columbia, Mo.) published an article about forest respiratory system research, which mentioned ORNL’s and DOE’s role through the global FLUXNET network. April 18

GM, LG Energy Solution to invest $2.3M in battery cell manufacturing plant in Spring Hill
A story posted by the Williamson Herald (Williamson County, Tenn.) mentioned ORNL as one of many project partners. April 16

Materials researchers put machine-learning performance to the test
Chemical & Engineering News posted a story that mentioned ORNL’s decades-long work benchmarking machine learning for materials discovery, quoting Bobby Sumpter. April 11

Ecological Society of America honors Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists for sustainability research
The Hellbender Press, the environmental journal of Southern Appalachia, reported on the honor ORNL researchers received for mapping human influence on U.S. river and stream changes. April 9

7 Signs Your N95 Mask Might Be Fake
A post by U.S. News & World Report mentioned DemeTECH’s work with ORNL on filter designs (slide 3). The story also ran on Yahoo! NewsApril 9

QT/ Scientists bolster evidence of new physics in Muon g-2 experiment
Medium’s biweekly newsletter, Paradigm, mentioned ORNL’s role in using computing calculations and neutron scattering techniques to discover the existence of an elusive type of spin dynamics in a quantum mechanical system. April 9

EVs may be the future, but this technology could help reduce emissions in the meantime
A story in The Detroit News, reposted by Yahoo! News, included comments by ORNL’s Jim Szybist about synthetic fuels and electric vehicles. 
April 5

What is quantum computing and what could it mean for Cleveland?’s story mentioned DOE’s quantum science centers and quoted ORNL’s Travis Humble. 
April 4

New process could bring down cost of direct carbon capture
A brief article by Chemical & Engineering News detailed a new carbon capture technique developed by ORNL’s Radu Custelcean and team. 
April 3

ORHS student wins first place at Tennessee Junior Science & Humanities Symposium
Oak Ridge Today shared a story that mentioned the winning student worked with ORNL’s Chad Steed through the high school’s Math Thesis course. 
April 2

'Representation matters' | Nonprofit engages children, works to create diverse generation in STEM fields
ORNL’s Candice Halbert was featured in WBIR’s story about Halbert’s STEM outreach nonprofit organization, YO-STEM. April 1

ORNL names operations deputy
Oak Ridge Today republished a news release announcing Alan Icenhour as the next deputy for operations at ORNL. March 29

ORNL names associate lab director for physical sciences
Oak Ridge Today and Printed Electronics Now ran an announcement of the naming of Cynthia Jenks as the next associate laboratory director for the Physical Sciences Directorate. March 29

FDA acknowledged receipt of ORNL’s cancer-fighting Ac-225 isotope
The website News Medical Life Sciences shared a report that the FDA received ORNL’s drug master file for actinium-225 nitrate, in support of applications for Ac-225-based drugs. March 27

Scientists Warn Of Deadly Heat Waves In India, In Spite Of Climate Goals
NDTV quoted ORNL’s Moetasim Ashfaq about the future of industry in South Asia amid projected record heat waves. March 27

University of Tennessee president talks pandemic impacts, plans for fall semester
Thomas Zacharia, ORNL director, was quoted in a story about UT System President Randy Boyd’s State of the University address by WBBJ and WATE. March 26

Ford Exploring Prechamber Ignition Technology, Like Maserati Uses, on F-150
Motor Trend reported that Ford is working with ORNL on a prechamber engine aimed at boosting efficiency. March 25

Researchers Turn Food Waste Into Jet Fuel
Now This News shared a new study, which was a collaborative effort including ORNL, about a new fuel that could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 165% compared to conventional jet fuel. March 25

U.S. Covid-19 Supercomputing Group Evaluates Year-Long Effort
The Wall Street Journal’s story mentioned an ORNL project to identify existing drug compounds that could inhibit the novel coronavirus. March 24

Hydrogen maps of SARS-CoV-2 main protease point to effective repurposed drugs
Science Advisory Board shared ORNL research using atomic maps of hydrogen atoms to determine that the SARS-CoV-2 main protease acts in unexpected ways when in contact with a drug inhibitor. March 24

UT–ORNL data center course takes students on virtual ride through ORNL supercomputing facilities
The Oak Ridger repurposed a story about using online resources to keep students taking data center courses engaged and connected virtually. March 24

USC professor brings advanced chemistry into lives of impoverished high school students
South Carolina-based Post and Courier newspaper published a story that mentioned ORNL Meghan Lamm’s experience as a Project SEED mentor. March 22

UT-Battelle Development Corp. contributes $500,000 for proposed airport
Oak Ridge Today reported on the contribution in a story that quoted ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia and Jeff Smith, president of UT-Battelle Development Corp. WATE and The Oak Ridger also carried the story. March 22

A Battery Revolution Could Make Electric Cars a Reality for Everyone
An article by Freethink quoted ORNL’s Nancy Dudney, a pioneering battery researcher. March 21

AMD Breaks Server Records With Its Third-Generation Epyc Processor
ORNL's Frontier supercomputer was mentioned in an article from Forbes about the release of the third-generation Epyc from AMD, which will use this processor combined with next-generation AMD Instinct compute processors. HPC Wire and Next Platform also reported on Epyc. March 18

Scientists may have made jet fuel from food waste, and it could dramatically cut methane emissions
Business Insider reported on research into using food waste to produce sustainable aviation fuel. The collaboration between NREL, ORNL, the University of Dayton and Yale University, has drawn interest from the airline industry. Green Car Congress also shared the research news. March 17

Fire Is Changing Aspens Before They Grow
Wyoming Public Media interviewed ORNL's Chris Schadt about research into the microbiome of aspen saplings after wildfires. March 17

Cheap Batteries Could Soon Make Electric Freight Trucks 50% Cheaper To Own Than Diesel
ORNL research was cited in a Forbes article about the future of electrification in heavy-duty trucks. March 16

"Made in the USA" - Episode 1: How We Got Here
Scott Smith, group leader for ORNL's Intelligent Machine Tools, was a guest on the Modern Machine Shop podcast, which examines manufacturing issues related to global supply chains, education, automation and our ability to produce skilled workers. March 16

Nidia Gallego, the Colombian who created a key piece for Perseverance
Archyde profiled Nidia Gallego, a materials scientist at ORNL dedicated to the production of technologies and materials for power generation. Gallego participated in the development of the carbon fiber-based composite material, a protective shield that covers Perseverance’s plutonium core. March 15

Fungal disease could be controlled
Agri-View posted an item about an ORNL study that demonstrated that diverse species across the fungal kingdom produced lipo-chitooligosaccharides, molecules that play roles in shaping fungal communities. March 10

The History of Supercomputing vs. COVID-19
In a review of supercomputing projects on COVID-19, HPC Wire included a Summit project as one of the earliest heavy hitters to join the research effort. March 9

AI Forecasts A Promising Fusion Future
New Energy and Fuel reported on PPPL research using high-performance computers, including Titan and Summit, to predict heat-load for the full-power operation of ITER. March 9

America's Cutting Edge Offers Free Online CNC Course
Modern Machine Shop shared news of a CNC machining training program conducted by ACE in collaboration with IACMI — The Composites Institute and ORNL. March 8

Out of the Lab
A story by local news website Compass highlighted ORNL’s Innovation Crossroads program as an effective way to move technology to the marketplace. March 8

Should We Genetically Engineer Carbon-Hungry Trees?
Freethink, a news website focused on stories about solutions, included ORNL in their story about mitigating excess carbon dioxide with genetically modified trees. March 8

Video game engine powers radiation visualizations
An ORNL method using video game deployment software to visualize radiation movement data was covered by GCN. March 5

New equipment, technology installed at TVA's Browns Ferry nuclear plant to add more power, reliability
The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that the upgrades included 3D-printed fuel assembly brackets in the reactor that were developed by ORNL and Framatome. Yahoo News and also reported the storyline. March 4

Online science experiments, more virtual classes at American Museum of Science and Energy
A WVLT story mentioned the museum received a grant from ORNL that will be used to expand its virtual classes to be shared interactively with schools. March 1

Team Science in the Fight Against COVID-19
The February 2021 issue of The Bridge: The Magazine of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu featured several stories about COVID-19 research ongoing at ORNL, much of which is funded by DOE's National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory. Feb. 25

It Might Take A Long Time For The U.S. To Become Self-Sufficient In Rare Earth Minerals
A Forbes story about access to rare earth minerals for technology applications mentioned ORNL’s research in extracting neodymium from old hard drives. Feb. 24

Novel lithium-metal batteries will drive the switch to electric cars
MIT Technology Review’s story quoted ORNL’s Nancy Dudney about solid-state batteries research. Feb. 24

Accelerating Innovation
A story posted by local news website Compass Knox detailed the combined ORNL, TVA and UT investment of $9 million to create a hub for budding national and international entrepreneurs. Feb. 24

Fleischmann supports all-of-the-above approach to clean energy | Opinion
The Knoxville News Sentinel posted an opinion piece about Congressman Chuck Fleishmann’s support of an all-of-the-above approach to clean energy and his work to increase funding at ORNL for clean energy innovation. This also appeared in the Tennessean. Feb. 19

The Time Is Right For U.S. To Build Pilot Fusion Plant, National Academies Panel Says
A Forbes story included comment from ORNL’s Kathy McCarthy about the U.S.’s involvement in ITER. Feb. 17

Bienvenue named first executive director of Oak Ridge Institute
Oak Ridge Today reported on ORI naming Joan Bienvenue as the new institute’s first executive director. Knoxville News Sentinel, WATE and HPCwire also reported the story. Feb. 16

ORNL's contribution to help with NASA’s Mars 2020 mission
A story posted by WBIR reported on the lab’s role producing Pu-238, iridium clad vent sets and carbon-bonded carbon fiber sleeves for NASA’s Perseverance Rover mission. Oak Ridge Today, The Oak Ridger and WVLT also carried the story. Feb. 16

United Way struggles to reach goal
The News-Herald, which covers Loudon County, mentioned ORNL among the local United Way location’s largest donors. Feb. 17

Commercial Carbon Capture And Use Takes A Step Forward With Carbon Clean
Forbes reported on a new DOE award to ORNL and industry partners to develop a carbon capture system and commercially viable carbon utilization solution. Feb. 14

6 women who are changing chemistry as we know it
 In a story posted in BBC Science Focus Magazine, ORNL’s Clarice Phelps was named one of six influential chemists. Feb. 11

U.S. Military Turns to New Supercomputers to Push the Limits of Weather Forecasting
A Nextgov story reported about a powerful system operational at ORNL that supports worldwide U.S. Army and Air Force weather modeling and forecasting operations. HPC Wire, The Register, Inside HPC and Data Center Dynamics also covered the story. Feb. 10

Quantum computing enables simulations to unravel mysteries of magnetic materials
R&D World posted about the lab’s quantum computing research using materials science simulations that can be verified with neutron scattering experiments. Feb. 9

Chemists create and capture einsteinium, the elusive 99th element
A story by Live Science about new properties of einsteinium mentioned ORNL as one of the few places in the world where the element can be made. The New York TimesNBC News, IFL Science, UPI, VICE,  GizmodoSmithsonian Magazine and Chemical & Engineering News also carried the story. Feb. 7

A crystallization lab in Buffalo is at center of global war against coronavirus
A story by The Buffalo (NY) News mentioned ORNL among those who have worked with the Crystallization Center at the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute on coronavirus samples. Feb. 7

Critical piece of nuclear fusion project completed by General Atomics
The San Diego Union-Tribune posted a story about U.S. ITER’s progress on the central solenoid, a powerful magnet in the heart of the ITER project in France. U.S. ITER is managed by ORNL. World Nuclear News and NEI Magazine ran similar stories. Feb. 5

From Nicaragua to ORNL, program manager tells of his journey to success
The Oak Ridger republished ORNL's story about the Package Testing Program manager, Oscar Martinez. Feb. 4

Deep-sea surprises: Scientists discover new species around an undersea volcano
World News group shared the news of a study co-authored by Mircea Podar, a researcher with ORNL specializing in the genetics of lifeforms living near deep-sea vents. Feb. 4

Big Boost for Framatome’s Accident-Tolerant Nuclear Fuel
Power recounted how ORNL received the first GNF-developed nuclear fuel test rods in December, which spent 24 months at Southern Co.’s Edwin Hatch nuclear plant. The test samples feature IronClad, an FeCrAl fuel cladding, and ARMOR, a hard, oxidation-resistant coating layered on top of zirconium cladding with UO2 fuel. Feb. 4

Twenty women making their mark in robotics & automation
SME featured ORNL researcher and AAAS If/Then Ambassador Amy Elliott. Feb. 3


What an Astrophysicist Sees in Basketball That You Don’t
A book excerpt posted by Slate discusses ORNL’s Bronson Messer’s take on the physics of basketball from a theoretical astrophysicist’s perspective. Feb. 2

ORNL, UT developing whistle that screens for COVID-19
WVLT posted a story about ORNL’s collaboration with University of Tennessee Health Science Center to develop a breath-sampling whistle that could make COVID-19 screening easy to do at home. 
WDEF and WBIR also covered the story. Feb. 2

Simultaneous Drought and Heat Wave Events Are Becoming More Common
A story in Eos includes ORNL perspectives on the increasing number and duration of combined stress events, causing harmful environmental and human impacts. Feb. 2

Neutrinos Have a Newly Discovered Method of Interacting With Matter, Opening up Ways to Find Them
Universe Today reported on ORNL's COHERENT project, which achieved a major breakthrough with evidence of a new kind of neutrino interaction, which effectively demonstrates a process known as coherent elastic neutrino-nuclear scattering. Feb. 1

Aluminum-infiltrated 3D printed parts
Materials Today posted about ExOne licensing ORNL technology to 3D print collimators used in neutron scattering instruments. Jan. 27

How to stop your house’s expensive drafts — and save the planet
The Washington Post’s Climate Curious section posted a story about weatherization that mentioned and linked to an ORNL report on home energy savings. Jan. 27

Why is Artificial Intelligence so Energy Hungry?
A story from Tech Register mentioned ORNL research that demonstrated a promising way to improve AI energy efficiency by converting deep learning neural networks into a spiking neural network. Jan. 24

Study Says Benefit Of Smart Grid System Is $2.69 Billion
A story posted by the Chattanoogan mentions ORNL has one of EPB’s smart grid research partners. The Pulse-Chattanooga also carried the story. Jan. 22

Hundreds of never-before-seen life-forms live in this 6,000-foot-deep volcano's acid jets
A story posted by Live Science mentions ORNL’s role in studying microbes in challenging, deep-sea environments. IFL Science also carried the story. Jan. 21

Sharing science, technology in the time of COVID-19: AMSE offers online videos, podcasts
The Oak Ridger posted about science and technology online resources offered by the American Museum of Science and Energy, including a podcast episode featuring ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia. Jan. 21

Airport Authority board names new chairman, vice chairman
A story by The Daily Times (Maryville) mentions ORNL’s Jeff Smith taking vice chairman role of the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority board of commissioners. Jan. 21

6 developments that will define AI governance in 2021
Brookings mentioned DOE 's plans to switch on its first two exascale computers—Frontier at ORNL and Aurora at Argonne National Labs. Jan. 21

Final FY21 Appropriations: DOE Office of Science
An FYI Science Policy News Bulletin from American Institute of Physics about appropriations mentioned the lab’s MPEX experiment and exascale computing. Jan. 15

ORNL’s Brian Damiano elected ASME fellow
The Oak Ridger posted about Damiano being elected as an American Society of Mechanical Engineers fellow. Jan. 15

40 Under 40: Clarice Phelps played key role in discovering a new element on periodic table
The Knoxville News Sentinel honored ORNL’s Clarice Phelps on its 40 Under 40 list. The story also mentioned ORNL’s Candace Halbert,  founder of a (nonprofit) organization Yo STEM. (The story about Christa Brelsford, ORNL’s other honoree, was posted on Jan. 6.) Jan. 18

What Is 'Error-Correcting Memory' and Why Does the Creator of Linux Think You Need It?
A story by VICE mentioned ORNL’s Al Geist who discussed the importance of error-correcting code memory (from a 2012 Wired piece). Jan. 13

Advanced energy means jobs for Tennesseans
An opinion piece posted by the News Sentinel mentions the lab’s research as it influences the region’s economic growth potential. Jan. 11

Bridging the Gaps (paywalled)
Local news website Compass mentioned ORNL’s participation in a report that highlights potential solutions in Knoxville’s entrepreneurial landscape. Jan. 11

Magnetism Does the Twist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Magnetics Magazine reported on ORNL's strategy for layering dissimilar crystals with atomic precision to control the size of resulting magnetic quasi-particles called skyrmions. Jan. 7

ORNL’s PlanetSense Real-time Mapping Platform Uses Volunteered Data to Track Disasters
Datanami shared a story about Gautam Thakur, a research scientist in ORNL’s Geospatial Science and Human Security Division, and his team who helped direct relief after Hurricane Dorian using geographic data. Jan. 7

Local inventors pushing limits of computing to solve challenges
WVLT-TV reported on researchers who were recognized as distinguished inventors for cutting edge work. Jan. 7

DOE Fusion Panel Approves Long-Range Plan
The FYI Bulletin by the American Institute of Physics reported about DOE’s fusion research plan, which includes ORNL’s Material Plasma Exposure Experiment, or MPEX. Jan. 7

Top nuclear power stories of 2020
Nuclear Engineering International included a story about BWX Technologies and ORNL developing new additive manufacturing technologies among their top stories of the year. Jan. 7

These 5 Advanced Nuclear Reactors Will Shape the Future of Energy
Popular Mechanics’ story references ORNL’s research on fluoride-salt-cooled high-temperature reactors. Jan. 5

ORNL’s groundbreaking experiment tracks real-time transport of individual molecules
R&D World shared an ORNL release about an experiment at CNMS that tracks the real-time transport of individual molecules. Jan. 5

Programming the Soon-to-Be World’s Fastest Supercomputer, Frontier
HPC Wire reported on the University of Delaware’s Sunita Chandrasekaran who is designing an app for Frontier. Jan. 5

Copper + Carbon Nanotubes Yield Lower-Resistivity, Higher-Capacity Conductors
Electronic Design described ORNL research to develop a copper/carbon-nanotube composite. Jan. 5

HPC Career Notes: January 2021 Edition
HPC Wire reported that Thomas Potok was named a Battelle Distinguished Inventor, one of six scientists at ORNL selected for the honor, and that the SIAM Activity Group on Computational Science and Engineering announced the appointment of Judith Hill as program director. Jan. 5

The Memphians Cracking the Covid-19 Code
Memphis Magazine mentioned ORNL’s collaboration with Dr. Colleen Jonnson from UT Health Science Center using Summit as part of her COVID-19 research. Jan. 5

Meet the 40 Under 40 class of 2020
The Knoxville News Sentinel’s annual list includes ORNL’s Christa Brelsford and Clarice Phelps. Jan. 4

ORNL: Co-Optima research develops roadmap for biofuels design
Ethanol Producer Magazine shared a story about Co-Optima's Jim Szybist and his research work. Jan. 4

Biden’s environmental team looks good, but there is a troubling sign on climate
A perspective piece in The Washington Post mentions an ORNL analysis of “the indirect economic costs of U.S. reliance on foreign oil markets.” Jan. 4

Public college in every state with the best ROI
A listing by MSN mentions ORNL on the UT/Tennessee slide (slide #43). Jan. 4