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Top high school students earn Lockheed Martin scholarships

Seven 1997 area high school graduates have received Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation scholarships.

The winners are Erica Chisholm, Anthony Edgcumbe, Laura Johnson, Guy Temple and Amanda Wilburn of Oak Ridge, Valerie Diden of Wartburg and Cicely Williams of Farragut. Their scholarship awards are for $3,000 per year up to four years of college undergraduate study.

These college-bound students share a common bond. Their parents work for Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation or Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, and all are National Merit Scholarship finalists.

Lockheed Martin has four companies in East Tennessee. Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation manages the Department of Energy's (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Lockheed Martin Energy Systems manages the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant and the DOE's Environmental Management programs in Oak Ridge, Paducah, Ky., and Portmouth, Ohio. The other two companies are Innovative Ventures Corporation, a not-for-profit company committed to bringing commercially viable technologies to the marketplace, and LMC Properties, which operates Commerce Park.

Alvin Trivelpiece, president of Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation, and Robert Van Hook, president of Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, presented the certificates of recognition during a reception in the students' honor at the Lockheed Martin Energy and Environment Sector offices in Oak Ridge's Jackson Plaza. Both expressed appreciation to the students, who plan to pursue various careers in science and technology.

"Many times people feel corporations the size of Lockheed Martin are impersonal," Trivelpiece said. "Even large companies have a personal face."

Van Hook said honoring such outstanding students is an example of Lockheed Martin looking toward the next generation.

"We are pleased our corporation supports education strongly enough to provide scholarships to our employees' children as an investment in our future," Van Hook said.


Erica Chisholm was admitted to the honors program at the University of Delaware. A graduate of Oak Ridge High School, she plans to major in mathematics and is interested in teaching or combining mathematics and physics later in her career. Her goals include copyrighting a theorem. Chisholm is the daughter of Matthew F. Chisholm (ORNL Solid State Division) and Katherine H. Chisholm.

Valerie Diden, a graduate of Wartburg High School, plans to major in chemistry at the University of Tennessee. She would like to pursue a career in environmental law. Diden is the daughter of Johnny R. Diden (Y-12 Facilities Management) and Wanda Diden. They live in Wartburg.

Anthony Edgcumbe, an Oak Ridge High School graduate, is attending the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, concentrating in international corporate business. He plans to eventually pursue a master's of business administration (MBA) degree. Edgcumbe is the son of Melanie Conger (Information Management Services, Energy Systems) and Robert Conger.

Laura Johnson plans to study biology and mathematics at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., and hopes to find a career that integrates the two interests. Johnson is the daughter of Bonnie Nestor (ORNL Central Management Organization). Her stepfather, Charles Crume, and two grandfathers are all retirees of ORNL or Energy Systems. An Oak Ridge High School graduate, Johnson lives with her mother and stepfather. Her father, Peter Henry Johnson, and stepmother, Linda Fulks Johnson, also live in Oak Ridge.

Guy Temple will major in political science or international relations as a Benjamin Harrison Scholar at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Upon receipt of his undergraduate degree, Temple would like to go to law school and become involved in politics or international affairs. Temple, an Oak Ridge High School graduate, is the son of John R. Temple (Data Systems Research and Development, Energy Systems) and Amy Temple.

Amanda Wilburn, an Oak Ridge High School graduate, is attending Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. She is considering a major in pre-med. Wilburn is the daughter of Bill Wilburn (ORNL Communications and Public Affairs) and Denise Wilburn.

Cicely Williams, a graduate of Farragut High School, plans to study biology or biochemistry at the University of Virginia. She hopes to enter an M.D./Ph.D. medical science program and pursue a career in medical research. Williams is the daughter of Joe L. Williams (Y-12 Waste Management) and Catherine Westbrook Williams.