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Lindberg Invited to Chair International Mercury Conference

Steven E. Lindberg of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) will chair the 1996 International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant to be held in Hamburg, Germany.

Lindberg is a senior research staff member in ORNL's Environmental Sciences Division and a research professor in the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife at the University of Tennessee. He will co-chair the conference with Gerhard Peterson, director of the Geesthacht Institute of Physics Laboratory in Geesthacht, Germany.

Lindberg, who joined ORNL in 1974 as a research associate, leads the atmospheric and geochemical processes group in the earth and atmospheric sciences section. Before coming to ORNL, he was a graduate fellow at Florida State University, where he earned his doctorate in chemical oceanography.

Lindberg serves as associate editor of several publications, including "Environmental Reviews," published by the Canadian National Research Council. His interest in heavy metals as contaminants dates back to 1973; in 1983, he was first invited to join the Conference Planning Committee for the International Conference Series "Heavy Metals in the Environment." Since then, he has gained international recognition in environmental chemistry and lectured on the topic at more than 20 institutes and conferences outside of North America.

His professional efforts have earned him fellow status in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as several other nominations and awards. He has edited six books and published more than 140 papers.

Lindberg lives in Kingston, Tenn., with his wife, Kay, and daughter, Kristina.

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