ORNL Review Volume 52 Issue 1 (2019)

ORNL Review v52n1
  • Editorial: The amazing impact of ORNL isotopes
  • To the Point: Three from ORNL become APS fellows, wireless vehicle charger rivals wired systems, accelerator beam measured in 6D, ORNL geospatial data aids disaster relief
  • Isotopes: Isotopes to the rescue, How do you want your isotope? ORNL on the red planet, Radiation, meet cancer cell, Made in the USA: Key isotopes for medical diagnostic imaging
  • Focus on Computing: Titan advances cancer therapy, the first atomic nucleus on a quantum computer
  • The Art of Science: The Art of Science
  • Focus on Physical Sciences: Researchers take temperatures at the nanoscale
  • Focus on Power: Power to the people: Solutions for a better Puerto Rico grid
  • Focus on Buildings: Vacuum isulation panels open the door to self-healing buildings
  • Focus on Climate: Investigating arctic ecosystems: A conversation with Stan Wullschleger
  • Focus on ITER: ITER’s ‘burning plasma’: One giant step toward fusion energy 
  • Early Career Award Winners: Unveiling quantum materials with neutrons: A conversation with scientist Huibo Cao, flash of light: A conversation with spectroscopist Ben Doughty
  • Eugene Wigner Distinguished Lecturer: Michael Berry 
  • Why Science? Young researchers explain Time Warp
  • Time Warp: We won the war. What's next?