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Privacy Statement for Information Submitted by Electronic Means

We respect your expectations of privacy. We will use the information that you provide—such as your resume and any comments and questions that you submit—only for the following purposes:

  • In connection with our recruitment and selection process.
  • To inform you of potential employment opportunities at ORNL that you may be unaware of -- unless you ask that we not contact you for this purpose.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of our internal processes, website, software, and/or information management systems.

We consider the information you provide to be confidential, and we will use the following measures to protect it:

  • Internal access is limited to ORNL employees and contractor employees who participate in the employment process and/or systems evaluations. Employees and contractors who have access are required to treat the information as confidential and to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  • Access by other third parties is limited to disclosures that are required by law.
  • We do not use information you provide for commercial purposes, and we do not sell it, rent it, or share it with others.
  • We take reasonable steps to detect and prevent unauthorized access to systems containing the information.
  • We take reasonable steps to delete the information from our systems when we no longer have any need for it.