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Integrated Building Performance

Exploring new ways to optimize building energy solutions

The Buildings Integration and Controls Research Group pursues building energy modeling, building to grid communications and control, and energy optimized solutions for neighborhoods of the future. Research is focused on grid interactive efficient buildings which seek to provide cost effective solutions at multiple scales. The group hosts world-class capabilities at ORNL’s Building Technologies Research and Integration Center (BTRIC), a National User Facility dedicated to infrastructure R&D, featuring unique test chambers, two light commercial buildings (flexible research platforms) and a residential home; and regularly leverages ORNL’s world-class high performance computing resources to demonstrate leadership in the area of urban-scale energy modeling. The Buildings Integration and Controls Research Group has developed novel control strategies for homes that utilize a neighborhood-level microgrid including solar photovoltaic, battery storage system, and natural gas-fired power generation. Integrated research involving modeling, sensing, controls, grid communications, and optimization is translated to multi-scale empirical validation across components, systems, buildings, cities, and service areas. The group works with several partners including industry, universities, utilities, and other stakeholders to translate the group’s applied research into actualized impact.