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Computational Earth Sciences Group

The Computational Earth Sciences Group (CESG) improves process understanding of the global Earth system by developing and applying models, machine learning, and computational tools at scale; integrating observational data; and quantifying Earth system predictability and uncertainty associated with interactions between water, energy, biogeochemical cycles, and aerosols. Specifically, CESG:

  • Advances predictive understanding and simulation of atmospheric, terrestrial, cryospheric, and marine coupled systems through strategic collaborations
  • Quantifies interactions and feedbacks within and between the Earth system and terrestrial, marine, and subsurface biogeochemical cycles
  • Develops methods and tools for quantitative assessment and benchmarking of coupled, multiscale Earth system models at global and regional scales
  • Provides metrics for stakeholders through projects that connect to integrated and vulnerability assessment and adaptation projects


Distinguished Computational Earth System Scientist and Group Leader, Computational Earth Sciences
Forrest Hoffman