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Evaluation of Small Modular Reactor Plant Siting

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The DOE Advanced Reactor Technology program facilitates the R&D activities necessary to support licensing and deployment of advanced small modular reactor (SMR) designs.  Identifying areas that support the siting of SMRs and identifying the trade-offs required is a key element in the decision process.

The Oak Ridge Siting Analysis for power Generation Expansion (OR-SAGE) tool provides a methodology to evaluate power plant siting. Based on selected input parameters, the OR-SAGE tool employs a wide array of GIS data sources to identify candidate areas for SMR technology application. Specific sites, such as retired coal plants with significant electrical infrastructure, are also evaluated.


Provide visual integration and insight on a wide range of parameters related to siting an SMR. Parameters explored include population density, water consumption, water proximity, land use, seismic activity, etc.


US Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy


Senior Reactor Licensing and Safety Analyst
Randy Belles