Deposition Science and Technology

Deposition Science and Technology

The Deposition Science and Technology Group (DSaT) performs research and development on the processing of metal and ceramic materials for both structural and functional applications. The group of about 7 staff members and 2 post-docs, interns, students, is part of the Materials Science & Technology Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  The group has a long history in the processing of refractory metal and other high-temperature structural materials including intermetallic and ceramic materials.  The work of the Deposition Science and Technology Group has played important roles in applications from steel mills, foundries, and electric power transmission lines to light-weight automobiles and spacecraft power systems.


Evolutionary selection growth of two-dimensional materials on polycrystalline substrates

There is a demand for manufacturing 2D materials with the ultimate quality of single crystals and arbitrary size. Usually, epitaxial growth is considered the method of choice1 in prepar-ing single...

High performance aluminum–cerium alloys for high-temperature applications

Light-weight high-temperature alloys are important to the transportation industry where weight, cost, and operating temperature are major factors in the design of energy efficient vehicles. Aluminum...

One-Pot Process in Scalable Bath for Water-Dispersed ZnS Nanocrystals with the Tailored Size

Well-dispersed ZnS nanocrystals with tailored size in aqueous solutions were synthesized by employing cysteine-sulfur (Cys-S) complexes with low molecular weight in a scalable anoxic vessel.High...

Current Research Areas

Additive Manufacturing. Advanced Processing, and Thin Film Processing


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Ryan R Dehoff

Deposition Science and Technology Group Leader

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