Fuels and Engines Research

Fuels and Engines Research

Fuels and Engine Research uses fundamental and applied research to accelerate the deployment of renewable fuels and new technologies to increase vehicle efficiency and decrease emissions. Research is conducted on internal combustion engines, fuel and lubricant technologies to provide comprehensive solutions for engine and fuel efficiency.

Fuels and Engines Research


Catalytic Exhaust Gas Recirculation-Loop Reforming for High Efficiency in a Stoichiometric Spark-Ignited Engine through Thermochemical Recuperation and Dilution Limit Extension, Part 2: Engine Performance

This is the second part of a two-part investigation of on-board catalytic fuel reforming to increase the brake efficiency of a multicylinder, stoichiometric spark-ignited (SI) engine. In Part 1 of...

Damage-tolerant metallic composites via melt infiltration of additively manufactured preforms

A356/316L interpenetrating phase composites were fabricated by infiltrating additively manufactured 316L lattices with molten A356. Measurements of the thermal conductivity of the composites showed...

Discovery of true electrochemical reactions for ultrahigh catalyst mass activity in water splitting

Better understanding of true electrochemical reaction behaviors in electrochemical energy devices has long been desired. It has been assumed so far that the reactions occur across the entire catalyst...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The Fuels and Engines Research Group conducts research on innovative internal combustion engine, fuel, and lubricant technologies. The group works closely with the Emissions and Catalysis Research Group to ensure comprehensive solutions in addressing the challenges of the transportation industry. The team also works closely with a host of transportation experts through the National Transportation Research Center and becoming an established leader in bridging advanced combustion and fuel technologies with electrification on a path to higher efficiency and cleaner transportation solutions.