Environmental Data Science and Systems

Environmental Data Science and Systems

The Environmental Data Science and Systems group supports advanced environmental and climate research and policy by developing and providing integrated data products, data delivery systems, and data analysis tools.

Environmental Data Science and Systems


Uncertainty in the response of terrestrial carbon sink to environmental drivers undermines carbon-climate feedback predictions

Terrestrial ecosystems play a vital role in regulating the accumulation of carbon (C) in the atmosphere. Understanding the factors controlling land C uptake is critical for reducing uncertainties in...

Attaining Whole-Ecosystem Warming Using Air and Deep Soil Heating Methods with an Elevated CO2 Atmosphere

This paper describes the operational methods to achieve and measure both deep-soil heating (0–3 m) and whole-ecosystem warming (WEW) appropriate to the scale of tall-stature, high-carbon, boreal...

Gridded uncertainty in fossil fuel carbon dioxide emission maps, a CDIAC example

Due to a current lack of physical measurements at appropriate spatial and temporal scales, all current global maps and distributions of fossil fuel carbon dioxide (FFCO2) emissions use one or more...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The research includes carbon cycle and carbon sequestration, climate change research, atmospheric radiation measurements, biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity.

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