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Enrichment Science and Engineering Division’s Organization Structure

The Enrichment Science Research and Engineering Division’s organization structure includes:


Centrifuge Engineering and Fabrication Section 

National steward of expertise gas centrifuge research, development, and demonstration.


  • Machine Dynamics Group — Centrifuge concepts and engineering analysis: Develops and applies advanced theoretical and engineering analysis principles to machine design and development. 

  • Engineering Design Group — Engineering design of components: Employs state of the art engineering design and robust systems engineering principles for the realization of design concepts and detailed prototype manufacturing requirements. 

  • Prototype Manufacturing Group — R&D manufacturing execution: Develops and demonstrates manufacturing and assembly approaches with application of novel fabrication tools and techniques. 

  • Modeling and Data Science Group — Application of first principles and empirical approaches: Advances the physics and engineering understanding of gas centrifuge systems. 


Testing Science and Cascade Engineering Section 

Develops and applies gas testing principles and leads conceptualization, development, and deployment of enrichment systems. 


  • Testbed Science and Engineering Group — Gas testing testbed development: Conceptualizes and designs robust and flexible testbeds for gas testing enrichment devices using state of the art systems engineering principles. 

  • Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls Engineering Group — Human machine interface research and system logic development: Develops and implements advanced control system architectures for centrifuge test beds. 

  • Gas Testing Science Group — Development and interpretation of testing experiments: Leads the application of machine and cascade theory to develop, execute, and interpret testing evolutions for discovery, performance evaluation, and optimization of enrichment systems. 

  • R&D Operations Group — Execution of operations supporting testing: A team of expert operators and support staff available to lead and support testing operations. 


Stable Isotope Research, Development, and Production Section 

Leads the science and production process development that delivers stable isotopes for medical, industrial, and DOE mission critical applications. 


  • Stable Isotope Process Development Group — Conceptualize and assess new processes: Leads the development of new enriched stable isotope production approaches while supporting the execution of current missions. 

  • Dispensing and Technical Services Group — Customer-focused support: Leads the development and implementation of robust dispensing protocols consistent with sponsor and customer needs, and provides in-depth technical support for isotope utility in new and emerging applications. 

  • Production Operations Group — Execution of operations supporting production: A team of expert operators and support staff available to lead and support stable isotope production operations.