Sensors and Embedded Systems Group

Sensors and Embedded Systems Group

The Sensors and Embedded Systems (SES) group develops novel or specialized sensor technologies, complex instrumentation systems that require special attention to sensor integration details, and conducts feedback control-related modeling and algorithm R&D in order to advance the state of the art of measurement technologies, methods, and their use in energy and national security applications.

Canned rotor pump


A Novel Technique Applying Spectral Estimation to Johnson Noise Thermometry

Johnson noise thermometry is one of many important measurement techniques used to monitor the safety levels and stability in a nuclear reactor. However, this measurement is very dependent on the...

Embedded Instrumentation and Control for Extreme Environments

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is developing a magnetically suspended, canned rotor motor for driving a submerged impeller liquid salt pump. The first phase of the project is to design, fabricate, and...

Advanced Instrumentation for Extreme Environments

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is investigating embedded instrumentation and controls (I&C) technology for next generation nuclear power generation applications. Embedded systems encompass...


The SES group conceives, designs, develops, tests, and deploys prototypic sensors and systems for applications that advance science, improve energy efficiency, or enhance national security. Specializing in harsh environment sensors, sensor systems integration, manufacturing applications, and solving multidisciplinary measurement problems, SST has a long history of innovation and commercialization of sensors.


Yarom Polsky

Group Leader, Sensors and Embedded Systems

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