Computer Science Research

Computer Science Research

The Computer Science Research group performs research in computing, clusters, networking, and storage, developing the tools and software needed to make high performance computing more effective and accessible for scientists and engineers working on problems of national importance.


Optimizing End-to-End Big Data Transfers over Terabits Network Infrastructure

While future terabit networks hold the promise of significantly improving big-data motion among geographically distributed data centers, significant challenges must be overcome even on today’s 100...

HSLOT: The HERCULES Scriptable Loop Transformations Engine

HSLOT arms users with a rich set of configurable transformation directives, to be used as-they-are or to be specialized and combined into powerful custom transformations. We offer a plethora of loop...


The CSR group addresses challenges in technical computing at the largest scales, especially scientific and engineering modeling and simulation, from a computer science perspective.  We research, develop, and deploy solutions in programming environments, system software, and the engineering of scientific software with the goal of making current and future high-end computer systems more productive and more usable.  Our work is motivated and validated by close collaboration with application teams.