Computational and Applied Mathematics Group

Computational and Applied Mathematics Group

The Computational and Applied Mathematics Group (CAM) is devoted the development, analysis and application of efficient numerical algorithms for solving large-scale scientific and engineering problems on advanced computer architectures. 


Analysis and Feature Detection in Large Volumes of Diffuse X-ray and Neutron Scattering from Complex Materials

Diffuse scattering contains information about disorder in materials which is critical to understand function. Instrument advances move field from 2D images to 3D volumes of measured scattering, and...


  • Multi-scale methods, including atomistic-to-continuum coupling
  • Computational kinetic theory
  • Computational fluid dynamics and turbulence
  • High-dimensional approximation theory
  • Large-scale iterative methods for linear and eigenvalue problems
  • Numerical methods for stochastic (partial) differential equations
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Probability theory
  • Statistical sampling and design of experiments
  • Combinatorial optimization and graph theory
  • Computational geometry and mesh generation
  • Sparse methods for data analytics
  • High-order continuous and discontinuous methods for PDEs
  • Multi-resolution analysis