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Team UT-Battelle: Want to know more?

Questions and answers about Team UT-Battelle

Q. What is Team UT-Battelle?

Team UT-Battelle is an employee-driven, coordinated, volunteer community service organization composed of ORNL staff, family members, and retirees who work to assist the communities where we live and work. It is an "umbrella" under which volunteer activities can be most effectively conducted.

Q. What is the mission of Team UT-Battelle?

Team UT-Battelle's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the communities where we live and work by initiating and supporting volunteer-driven programs and activities that meet the communities' needs, and to capitalize on staff interests that are consistent with UT-Battelle corporate priorities.

Q. What is the scope of Team UT-Battelle?

Team UT-Battelle will focus on volunteer activities, external to the Laboratory, that benefit the community.

Q. Why was Team UT-Battelle established?

Team UT-Battelle represents an effective way to meet the large needs of worthy community causes that require volunteer support.

Q. What are the benefits of Team UT-Battelle to ORNL?

Team UT-Battelle allows a more effective response to community needs for volunteer assistance. This, in turn, generates increased recognition by the community of volunteer contributions by ORNL staff members.

Q. What are the benefits to the volunteers?

Volunteers receive increased recognition by management, co-workers, and the public for their contributions to the community; garner better organizational support and increased publicity; and attain an increased level of volunteerism. Team UT-Battelle supplies advice, consultation, and other resources deemed helpful for the successful completion, of sponsored activities.

Q. How is Team UT-Battelle organized?

Team UT-Battelle is run by the volunteers. Each individual task (or project) is the responsibility of a staff member who volunteers to direct the project. Project directors receive advice, guidance, and assistance from an advisory committee made up of other volunteers who are experienced in such activities. The Advisory Committee, in turn, interacts with the Director of Communications and Community Outreach through the volunteer coordinator for Team UT-Battelle.

Q. What kinds of activities are considered for Team UT-Battelle?

Projects are classified into four categories: Arts and culture, civic and community, education, and health and human services. Additionally, a balance of short-term and long-term projects is included, as well as activities that are designed for a few individuals and those that require large teams of volunteers.

Q. What are the roles and functions of participants?

Director, Communications and Community Outreach
  • Overall UT-Battelle responsibility for the activities of Team UT-Battelle

Manager of Community Outreach

  • Representative to senior UT-Battelle management

Volunteer Coordinator

  • General oversight and assistance
  • Coordinates with other UT-Battelle community outreach efforts

Advisory Committee

  • Serves as advocate for the volunteer program in ORNL
  • Reviews and establishes policy
  • Develops and monitors strategic planning
  • Oversees design and direction of the program
  • Approves projects
  • Provides lessons learned
  • Gives advice and identifies resources
  • Encourages innovative growth and changes in the program

Project Director

  • Provides liaison between non-profit organization and ORNL volunteers
  • Assesses interest in activity among staff
  • Organizes and plans the project
  • Publicizes the project, including arranging for pictures of project volunteers in action
  • Recruits, trains, and organizes the volunteers
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the project
  • Keeps records of involvement
  • Manages the project budget