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Sustainable Transportation Program 2016 Annual Report

Publication Type
Technical Report

The efficiency and security of the transportation system affect us all—from the time and energy spent on our daily commutes to the availability of goods in our local stores. Also impacted are our pocketbooks, both as individuals and as a nation.

Transportation accounts for about 70% of national petroleum use, with Americans spending more than $177 billion to import oil in 2015. That same year, oil dependence cost the US $29 billion in lost potential GDP. Creating transportation technologies that reduce dependence on foreign oil; boost America’s economy; improve national energy security; and deliver to consumers affordable, environmentally friendly choices is of critical importance.

ORNL’s Sustainable Transportation Program (STP) works with government and industry to develop scientific knowledge and new technologies that accelerate the deployment of energy-efficient vehicles and intelligent, secure, and accessible transportation systems. 

Scientists are tackling complex challenges in transportation using comprehensive capabilities at ORNL’s National Transportation Research Center and the laboratory’s signature strengths in high-performance computing, neutron sciences, materials science, and advanced manufacturing. Research focuses on electrification, efficiency of combustion and emissions, data science and automated vehicles, and materials for future systems.