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Stan Wullschleger

Acting Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environmental Sciences

As ORNL’s Acting Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for Energy and Environmental Sciences, Dr. Stan Wullschleger leads a $260M research portfolio for delivering science-based and innovation-driven technology solutions for the most critical problems facing society at the nexus of energy, environment, and security.

The Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate (EESD) comprises four research divisions: Biosciences, Electrical and Electronics Systems Research, Energy and Transportation Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. These divisions support biological and environmental research for DOE’s Office of Science and an extensive set of research and development (R&D) programs supported by DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, and Office of Fossil Energy.

EESD also engages with a broad external community that includes a growing list of industrial partners through the ORNL-managed BioEnergy Science Center, the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, and the National Transportation Research Center.

Dr. Wullschleger joined the ORNL Environmental Sciences Division (ESD) in 1990 as the recipient of a DOE Alexander Hollaender Fellowship. His education is in forest biology (BS and MS, Colorado State University) and crop physiology (PhD, University of Arkansas). He has spent more than 25 years at ORNL conducting research in the sustainable use of herbaceous and woody bioenergy crops as a renewable source of transportation fuel; the fundamental investigations of plant biology using a variety of molecular approaches; and investigations into the physiological mechanisms by which terrestrial ecosystems respond to global environmental change.