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ORNL Review v18n1
  • Shooting for Fusion Energy Breakeven: Pellet Fueling Research at ORNL. ORNL scientists have developed a gun and a centrifuge accelerator to "shoot" frozen pellets of hydrogen fuel into tokamak fusion plasmas. One ORNL injector helped MIT exceed the Lawson criterion, another achieved steady-state plasma fueling, and an improved version of ORNL technology should help a Princeton tokamak's energy output equal the energy input.
  • Sleuthing with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. ORNL analytical chemists helped a scientist from DOE's Savannah River Plant determine how the impurities in plutonium fuel degrade the properties of an ORNL-developed cladding alloy used for heat sources aboard spacecraft.
  • The Organic Matter Base of Reservoir Food Webs: ORNL Studies the Ecology of Man-Made Lakes. What determines the biological productivity of man-made lakes? ORNL ecologists are using a variety of research approaches to address a fundamental question about large reservoirs as aquatic ecosystems.
  • Disease-Causing Microbes: The Energy Connection. Heated waters and cooling towers associated with energy production can be a source of disease-causing microbes, including the Legionella bacteria responsible for the potentially fatal Legionnaires' disease. ORNL and UT researchers have discovered two new species of Legionella in artificially heated water.
  • Transportation Energy Conservation: What ORNL Models and Analyses Show The demand for and price of motor fuel have fluctuated considerably in recent years. David L. Greene and ORNL's Transportation Group have followed these fluctuations closely and analyzed consumer responses to fuel price changes and more efficient cars on the market. The group also has studied how to drive to save fuel.


  • Books. Technostress: The Human Cost of the Computer Revolution is reviewed.
  • News Notes. New Fusion Magnet Arrives; Tritium Light Update; X-ray Beam Line at Brookhaven; Construction Begins on New Materials Lab; Technology Transfer Briefs: New Innovation Center and Patent Policy
  • Take a Number
  • Technical Capsules. Carbonaceous Particulate Matter; Shape Changes in Nuclei; Diesel-Related Research
  • Awards and Appointments