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Nuclear Science and Technology for Energy, Health and Security

Nuclear science and technology for energy, health and securityORNL’s leadership in nuclear science and technology is essential for ensuring safe, effective nuclear technologies for today and creating the nuclear science and technology breakthroughs for tomorrow’s energy, health, industrial, and security needs.

The laboratory provides leadership in the full spectrum of research, development, and deployment of reactor and nuclear fuel cycle technologies, from fuel development to the transport, storage, and disposal of used nuclear fuel. ORNL's fuel cycle expertise also supports national security through nuclear forensics, nuclear material detection, and fuel-cycle signature analysis. The lab’s unique nuclear science infrastructure supports the production of a wide array of isotopes for research and applications in health, industry, security, and basic science.  In collaboration with the US ITER office at ORNL and other partners around the world, the lab’s scientists are working to make fusion energy a reality. With other government, industrial, and academic partners, ORNL researchers are developing and using simulations and modeling to advance all aspects of nuclear science and technology.