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Mailing Address

Our mailing address for U.S. Postal Service deliveries is:             

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831

For carriers other than U.S. Postal Service, replace "P.O. Box 2008" with "1 Bethel Valley Road and use 37830 as the zip code."

Telephone Number General information: (+1) 865.576.7658
Employment verification: (+1) 865.574.4415
Employment verification with salary: phone: (+1) 865.574.4415; fax: (+1) 865.241.4357
Find People Search our Staff Directory for phone numbers and email addresses.
Divisions Contacts See our list of division contacts
Directorate Contacts See our list of directorate contacts
User Facility Contacts See our list of user facility contacts
Procurement See the Procurement site
News Media Contacts See our list of media contacts
ORNL Reports ORNL technical reports are available from:
Educational Opportunities Currently ORNL has educational programs in place for all scientific disciplines and for all levels of education from pre-college through postgraduate.
Employment See our Careers site
Business Contacts See our Partnerships website. You can also contact them by email at
Visiting Oak Ridge National Laboratory hosts thousands of visitors every year. The information below may help make your visit more productive and enjoyable.
Reporting Waste, Fraud or Abuse Please report any concerns to the Department of Energy's Inspector General (, 1.800.541.1625).
Human Resources               (+1) 865.341.4189 |