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Benchmark Data from Experiments 2 and 3 of the 2010 Criticality Accident Alarm System Benchmark Experiments at the CEA Valduc SILENE Facility

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Conference Proceeding

A series of benchmark experiments were conducted at the CEA Valduc SILENE facility to create a new benchmark for the verification and validation of radiation transport codes and evaluated nuclear data used in the analysis of criticality accident alarm systems. The series consisted of three single-pulsed experiments with the SILENE reactor. The first experiment consisted of a bare reactor, while the second and third experiments used a lead and polyethylene reflector, respectively. Several neutron activation foils and thermoluminescent dosimeters surrounded the reactor during each experiment, and some of these detectors had additional shielding materials between them and the reactor. This paper discusses a few recently uncovered details that impact the accuracy of the simulation of the first experiment. Additionally, the final benchmark data for the second and third experiments will be presented along with some preliminary computational results from simulations of the second and third experiments.