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Advanced Components and Materials


Materials and power equipment form the basis of our electricity delivery infrastructure. To meet the many demands and expectations of a modern Resilient, Reliable and Secure Electric Grid, however, it will be necessary to develop new kinds of energy materials and advanced power delivery components.

Availability of these novel materials and components will enable innovative grid architectures as well as enhanced monitoring and control capabilities. For instance, massive deployment of new low-cost sensors will provide the information that is necessary to monitor the health of the grid. Novel power electronic devices based on wide bandgap semiconductors will vastly expand their range of operation, resulting in better operational characteristics and efficiency. Similarly, advanced components such as novel cost-competitive power flow controllers and high-capacity cables and conductors will enhance the control, operation efficiency and utilization of existing assets. Also of great importance is the development of utility-scale energy storage solutions that are essential for the effective deployment and integration of renewable resources toward a dynamically optimizing grid.

R&D Activities:

  • Novel energy materials
  • Advanced sensors
  • Power electronics
  • Intelligent power flow control
  • High-capacity cables and conductors
  • Compact modular transformers
  • Community Energy Storage