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2010 Criticality Accident Alarm System Benchmark Experiments at the CEA Valduc SILENE Facility

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Conference Proceeding

Several experiments were performed at the CEA Valduc SILENE reactor facility, which are intended to be published as evaluated benchmark experiments in the ICSBEP Handbook.  These evaluated benchmarks will be useful for the verification and validation of radiation transport codes and evaluated nuclear data, particularly those that are used in the analysis of CAASs.  During these experiments SILENE was operated in pulsed mode in order to be representative of a criticality accident, which is rare among shielding benchmarks.  Measurements of the neutron flux were made with neutron activation foils and measurements of photon doses were made with TLDs.  Also unique to these experiments was the presence of several detectors used in actual CAASs, which allowed for the observation of their behavior during an actual critical pulse.  This paper presents the preliminary measurement data currently available from these experiments.  Also presented are comparisons of preliminary computational results with Scale and TRIPOLI-4 to the preliminary measurement data.