Advanced Technology Conversion Line

ORNL is currently developing advanced conversion technology based on microwave and plasma processing technologies. Provision have been made for the future construction of an advanced technology line, similar in scale to the conventional conversion line, when the technologies are sufficiently mature for semiproduction-scale demonstration. 

Melt-Spun Precursor Fiber Production Line

The melt-spinning line is rated at 65 tonnes/ year of polyethylene fiber and designed to also spin lignin and pitch-based precursors in either tow or web form. It is upgradable to melt-spin PAN when the technology is sufficiently developed. 

Thermal (Conventional) Conversion

The thermal conversion line is rated for 25 tonnes/year of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)–based fiber and can convert both melt-spun and solution-spun precursors. It is baselined for standard modulus PAN but designed with the exibility to accommodate lignin, polyolefin, and pitch precursors and can be readily upgraded to convert rayon and high-modulus PAN precursors. It is designed to process...