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ORNL Reporter history series

An early open house at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Graphite Reactor.

Some less-often-told tales from ORNL's colorful past.

"This wonderful old reactor." Veterans celebrated the Graphite Reactor's 50th anniversary in 1993.

Presidential visit, 1992: George H.W. Bush visited ORNL to sign a CRADA.

When Tiger Teams prowled: Tom Row spearheaded the controversial ES&H audits at ORNL.

First nuclear power: It was generated at ORNL by a toy steam engine.

Galvin Commission: Blue-ribbon panel blunted "surplus labs" claim.

Lofty ambitions: The Tower Shielding Facility was built for a nuclear airplane that never flew. But science soared.

Career opportunities, 1943: George Parker guessed the Manhattan Project secret and became part of it.

Famous visitors: ORNL has had its share.

White hat guys: Early liquid waste disposal was taken seriously.

Amphibian assault: ORNL's famous 'hot' frogs captured the world's attention for a while.

Family lines: Multigenerations at ORNL.

Graphite Reactor model: History minded staff members rescued it from the dustbin.

RIB rescue: Support from the science community, leaders extended Holifield Facility's legacy.

Graphite Reactor 75th: Two veterans recalled events leading up to "critical reached!"

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