J Michael Ramsey

For significant and fundamental achievements in laser-based chemical measurement techniques, such as single molecule detection in liquids, and pioneering the efforts in the development of microfabricated chemical instrumentation, including the laboratory on a chip concept.

One-Pot Process in Scalable Bath for Water-Dispersed ZnS Nanocrystals with the Tailored Size

Well-dispersed ZnS nanocrystals with tailored size in aqueous solutions were synthesized by employing cysteine-sulfur (Cys-S) complexes with low molecular weight in a scalable anoxic vessel.High yield production of water-dispersed ZnS nanocrystals on a 10-L scale was demonstrated in an aqueous solution process. The average crystallite size of ZnS was controlled by changing the ratio of the cysteine to sulfide in the applied Cys-S complexes.

Integrated omics analyses reveal the details of metabolic adaptation of Clostridium thermocellum to lignocellulose-derived growth inhibitors released during the deconstruction of switchgrass

Clostridium thermocellum is capable of solubilizing and converting lignocellulosic biomass into ethanol. Although much of the work-to-date has centered on characterizing this microbe’s growth on model cellulosic substrates, such as cellobiose, Avicel, or filter paper, it is vitally important to understand its metabolism on more complex, lignocellulosic substrates to identify relevant industrial bottlenecks that could undermine efficient biofuel production. To this end, we have examined a time course progression of C.

Structure and thermochemistry of perrhenate sodalite and mixed guest perrhenate/pertechnetate sodalite

Treatment and immobilization of technetium-99 (99Tc) contained in reprocessed nuclear waste and present in contaminated subsurface systems represents a major environmental challenge. One potential approach to managing this highly mobile and long-lived radionuclide is immobilization into micro- and meso-porous crystalline solids, specifically sodalite. We synthesized and characterized the structure of perrhenate sodalite, Na8[AlSiO4]6(ReO4)2, and the structure of a mixed guest perrhenate/pertechnetate sodalite, Na8[AlSiO4]6(ReO4)2-x(TcO4)x.

Chemical and Engineering Materials

Neutron-based research at SNS and HFIR in Chemical and Engineering Materials strives to understand the structure and dynamics of chemical systems and novel engineering materials. The user community takes advantage of capabilities of neutron scattering for measurements over wide ranges of experimental and operating conditions, including studies of chemical and physical changes in situ.

Materials – Cleaner crude

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Crude oil refinement can be an extremely costly chemical process. In an effort to reduce energy and cost demands, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers Anibal Ramirez-Cuesta and Stuart Campbell are collaborating with University of Nottingham (UK) researchers to develop metal-orga...
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