Wenduo Zhou

Software Scientist

Dr. Zhou is a software scientist working in the Application Engineering Group in CSMD.  He received his PhD in 2006 from the University of Georgia Monte Carlo summation of high order Feymann diagram expansions to study strongly correlated electron models.  He joined DANSE project to develop powder diffraction analysis software for his postdoctoral research. 


He started working at ORNL in 2009 in the Neutron Science Division as a software engineer in charge of data acquisition software for HFIR.  Since 2011, he has worked on the neutron data reduction and analysis software mainly for various types of diffractometers.  Now he is working in the CSMD on the data reduction of all the neutron scattering beamlines in HFIR and SNS.


2006 University of Georgia
Physics Ph.D

2004 University of Georgia
Computer Science Master

1996 Shanghai Jiaotong University
Physics Bachelor of Science