Viral K Patel

Viral K Patel

R&D Associate Staff Member


I work in the Building Equipment Research Group on new and improved types of energy-efficient building equipment, with specific applications in HVAC, water heating and appliances. The research involves thermodynamic system modeling, component modeling, engineering analysis, design optimization, prototype fabrication, and performance evaluation via experimentation. Past and ongoing work includes:
- Novel rotating heat exchanger for refrigeration applications: Conducting detailed performance characterization experiments on vapor-compression system with micro-channel baseplate evaporator/rotating fin combination; study of frost formation and removal from heat exchanger fins using high-speed imaging.
- Ultrasonic clothes dryer: Conducting experiments in mechanical extraction of water from clothing using piezoelectric transducers; development of prototype clothes dryer with ultrasonic vibration as the sole drying mechanism.
- Thermoelectric clothes dryer: Development of experimental prototype using thermoelectric elements in place of electric resistance heating, based on thermodynamic modeling; detailed thermodynamic and psychrometric measurements for design optimization of prototype.
- Heat pump water heater: Conducting experiments for existing open absorption and CO2 heat pump water heating system.
- A2L flammable refrigerant leak studies: Literature review and experimental validation studies of flammable refrigerant charge limits and leaks from building equipment.

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, May 2015.
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, May 2009.
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, May 2009.


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Goodman, D., Patel, V. K., Gluesenkamp, K., “Thermoelectric heat pump clothes dryer design optimization,” 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, May 2017.

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Patel, V. K., Goodman, D., Gluesenkamp, K., Gehl, A., “Experimental Evaluation and Thermodynamic System Modeling of Thermoelectric Heat Pump Clothes Dryer,” Purdue Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference, West Lafayette, IN, July 2016.

Patel, V. K., and Seyed-Yagoobi, J., 2017, “Combined Dielectrophoretic and EHD Conduction Pumping for Enhancement of Liquid Film Flow Boiling,” ASME Journal of Heat Transfer.

Patel, V. K., Seyed-Yagoobi, J., Sinha-Ray, S., Sinha-Ray, S., Yarin, A., 2016, “EHD Conduction Pumping-driven Liquid Film Flow Boiling on Bare- and Nanofiber-enhanced Surfaces,” ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, doi:10.1115/1.4032021.

Patel, V. K., Seyed-Yagoobi, J., Robinson, F., Didion, J. R., 2016 "Effect of Gravity on Electrohydrodynamic Conduction Driven Liquid Film Flow Boiling," AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer

Patel, V. K., and Seyed-Yagoobi, J., 2015, “A Meso-scale EHD Driven Two-phase Flow Heat Transport Device in Circular Geometry and In-tube Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient under Low Mass Flux,” ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, vol. 137, no. 4, pp. 041504-041504.

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