Timothy J Mcintyre

Senior Research Staff

Years at ORNL:  30 years

Role: Sensors and Automation Technology Researcher

Degree/Work Experience:  BS/MS Physics; Advanced Sensor Design, Direct Digital Printing of Sensors, Development of High Throughput Process Technology for Value Recovery from E-waste

Recent Projects (Last 5 years): 

• Critical Materials Institute (CMI) Thrust Lead – High Throughput Magnet  Recovery of Rare Earth Permanent Magnets from Discarded Equipment (hard drives and electric machines)

• Direct Write Sensors (LDRD) – Printing Passive RF/SAW Sensors

• US ITER – Development of Optical Metrology Tools for Electron/Cyclotron Heating System Waveguide Quality Inspection

• Beginning on 7/1/2018 – High Throughput Value Recovery Li-ion Batteries

• Beginning on 7/1/2018 – Recovering Value from Salvaged Automobiles

Equipment:  High-speed automation systems, Optics, Optical sensors, Photonic systems, Lasers, Laser diodes, Motion control systems, 3D printers

Capabilities:  Sensor design, Sensor system design, Instrument design, Automation systems, Project management

Software:CAD tools