Suhas Somnath

Suhas Somnath

Suhas Somnath

Postdoctoral Research Associate


2016 Microscopy and Microanalysis Postdoc Meeting Award
2016 ORNL Significant Event Award (SEA) for Bellerophon Environment for Analysis of Materials (BEAM) (


Advanced scanning probe microscopy technique development - complete signal acquisition combined with data analytics, signal processing to extract all information about cantilever / sample response at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than current state-of-art

Developing a cross-divisional software platform using high performance computing at ORNL to bring together the data and expertise of experimentalists, theoreticians, and data scientists together to dramatically improve the quality and speed of materials research.

Specialized Equipment

Microscopy - AFM, SEM
High speed data acquisition
Mass spectrometry

User Facility