Suhas Somnath

Computer Scientist

  • DataFed – scalable and distributed scientific data management system for sharing, searching, organizing and moving data across multiple facilities.
    • Guided software development,
    • leading outreach to prospective researchers,
    • developing documentation, system testing.
  • Data Gateway – software service for capturing data and contextual information at data generation sources such as scientific instruments. As researchers drag-and-drop data and add notes into digital lab notebook the Data Gateway extracts metadata from data files, merges metadata from various sources and uploads the information to DataFed.
    • Developed technical requirements document
    • Outreach to prospective users
  • Scalable Data Infrastructure for Science (SDIS) initiative
    • Collected requirements from stakeholders and wrote the technical requirements document
    • Lead the Data Assets Council that engages with domain experts across ORNL to develop and administer data best practices, data governance.
  • Mitra – Mentoring a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology in developing scalable software for ingesting and indexing metadata from entire file-systems.
  • INTERSECT - Supporting effort to connect microscopes at the Center for Nanophase Materials Science to edge computing devices for autonomous experiments.
  • Part of ALCC team investigating cross-facility and cross-institutional data and computational workflows challenges and solutions.
  • Pycroscopy - Founder, chief architect and lead developer of the pycroscopy ecosystem of python packages for storing, analyzing, and visualizing materials, imaging, and spectroscopy data. I lead a team of staff scientists and professors within and beyond ORNL as they develop for pycroscopy.
  • Developing tools and actionable guidelines for improving compliance with Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) data principles.