Steve L Allman

Steve L Allman

Distinguished Technician


Steve Allman has more than 40 years of experience providing laboratory research assistance at ORNL.  He has developed expertise in designing, assembling, operating, repairing and modifying wide-ranging equipment and facilities in support of research, including a 3MEV VanDeGraff accelerator, ultra-high vacuum systems, mass spectrometers, FTIR spectrometers, cell-sorting flow cytometer, aerosol science instrumentation, and a wide variety of research lasers.  He has helped design, construct and operate electronic, optical, and mechanical subsystems used in scores of experiments in wide-ranging areas of study involving state of the art technology, and assisted with data acquisition and analysis on numerous experimental projects.

Steve currently is collaborating in research efforts to elucidate the human oral microbiome and to develop more efficient medical radio-isotope generators. He also serves as Laser Safety Officer for the EES Directorate and Electrical Safety Officer for the Biosciences and Environmental Sciences Divisions.


Industrial Research Magazine IR‑100 Award: 1984‑"ORNL Rare Gas Atom Counter"

Martin Marietta Energy Systems Awards Night, Publication Award (1986).

Oak Ridge Chapter, Sigma Xi Support of Research Award (1989)

Martin Marietta Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award (1990).

Martin Marietta Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award (1991).

Research and Development Magazine R&D‑100 Award: 1992-"CFC/HFC Ratiometer"


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Steve Allman, Norbert Thonnard, George S. Hurst: Method and Apparatus fo Sensitive Atom Counting with High Isotopic Selectivity. Ref. No: United States Patent 4,658,135, Year: 04/1987


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