Stephanie S Galanie

Liane B. Russell Distinguished Staff Fellow

Dr. Stephanie Galanie is a Liane B. Russell Fellow in the Biosciences Division's Metabolomics and Bioconversion Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Galanie is a biological and analytical chemist interested in biosynthesis, biocatalysis, and natural products. She is applying high-throughput heterologous microbial expression and mass spectrometry techniques to probe metabolism and help answer systems biology questions related to understanding and engineering the sustainability, robustness, and energy utility of organisms and ecosystems. Current efforts are directed towards Populus (poplar tree) enzyme and pathway discovery for accelerated domestication to reduce recalcitrance to deconstruction, increase drought tolerance and productivity, and manipulate metabolic profiles. These efforts leverage the results of a 1000 genotype genome-wide association study conducted by the Bioenergy Science Center (BESC). She earned her PhD in Chemistry at Stanford University, where she worked with Prof. Christina Smolke to engineer yeast with up to 23 genes to synthesize medicinal natural products, including the opium poppy alkaloid morphine, and detect levels of molecules altered by metabolic engineering using LC-MS/MS. She then joined the Biochemistry Department at Codexis, a publicly-traded protein engineering company in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she was responsible for high-throughput biocatalysis and analytical chemistry, initiated high-throughput mass spectrometry efforts, and co-led an enzyme directed evolution program that resulted in collaborator Tate & Lyle's introduction of Tasteva(R) M to market.



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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Liane B. Russell Distinguished Staff Fellowship
Codexis Spot Awards for outstanding work on biocatalysis project, analytical instrument acquisition and implementation, and analytical chemistry
American Chemical Society Biochemical Technology W.H. Peterson Award for best student oral presentation
National Science Foundation and Stanford University Graduate Research Fellowships
Chemical Society of Washington College Chemistry Achievement Award