Saulius Kaminskas

Engineering Analyst

Saulius Kaminskas is the engineering analyst at Instrument Engineering Group in the Neutron Technologies Division. Saulius joined ORNL in 2010 at SNS Target Design and Engineering Group. He conducted the analyses of high-power mercury target, actively participated in target design development process and technology enhancements including development of optimization applications for target robustness and reliability. In 2019 he moved to Instrument Engineering Group where currently is performing various finite element analyses and optimization of neutron instrument components. S. Kaminskas earned BS, MS in Lithuania with major in applied mathematics. He earned his PhD in mechanical engineering in Moscow, Russian Federation. He also graduated with Executive MBA from Purdue University. Saulius started his work career as professor at Technical University in Lithuania specializing in optimization methods development. Before joining ORNL he spent years at Ford Motor Company performing advanced CAE analyses for automotive systems and components. He has broad experience in various structural analysis applications, optimization, software development, and engineering research. Author of series of professional publications, manuals, presentations at scientific and engineering conferences.