Sarah J Shelley

Doctoral Candidate - Graduate Research Assistant


Sarah first joined ORNL as an undergraduate research assistant in 2018, working to support the research of Dr. Natalie Griffiths. Sarah's current research investigates drivers of aerobic litter decomposition in peatland ecosystems, and is interested in peat mosses and how their responses to climatic warming influence biogeochemical processes. Sarah has a background in ecology and evolutionary biology (B.S. - University of Tennessee 2020) and is currently Dr. Griffith's doctoral candidate, studying energy science and engineering at the Bredesen Center. As a graduate research assistant, she provides technical support for the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Group and Dr. Griffiths research in the Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Changing Environments (SPRUCE) project.

Other Publications

Shelley, S.J., Brice, D.J., Iverson, C.M., Kolka, R.K., Sebestyen, S.D. and
Griffiths, N.A. 2021. Deciphering the shifting role of intrinsic and
extrinsic drivers on moss decomposition in peatlands over a 5-
year period.