Robert M Wham

PhD chemical engineer Robert Wham's research is focused on radioisotope production and radiochemical separations, including the recycling of used nuclear fuel.  Wham, who retired in July 2022, was Program Manager for the Pu-238 Supply Program in ORNL’s Isotope and Fuel Cycle Technology Division. Before that, he was Technology Integration Manager for the Nuclear Science and Technology Division (NSTD), where he was responsible for six groups covering radiochemical processing, robotics, stable isotope production, radioisotope production, and design of remotely operated equipment, among other areas. Prior to joining NSTD in 1997, he spent six years as Facility and Program Manager for the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center (REDC).  His experience with hot cells and radioisotope production comes from working on the production of heavy elements in the Transuranium Element Program, as well as on the recovery of plutonium, americium, and curium from targets irradiated at the Savannah River Site; both projects took place at REDC.