Robert F Standaert

Staff Scientist

Bob Standaert is a Staff Scientist in the Biosciences Division with a matrix position in the Neutron Scattering Division. He also holds an appointment as Joint Faculty Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Tennessee. Bob received his A.B. (Cornell University, 1985), S.M. (Yale University, 1988) and Ph.D. (Harvard University, 1992) degrees in chemistry and conducted post-doctoral research in chemical biology at Harvard from 1992–1995 in the laboratory of Professor Stuart Schreiber. Prior to joining the ORNL research staff, he served on the faculty of the Departments of Chemistry at Texas A&M University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organic chemistry (synthesis; modeling/simulation; separations; mechanism; structural analysis by NMR, IR, MS and other spectroscopies; biosynthesis; peptides; surface modification; natural products; secondary metabolites)
  • Biochemistry and chemical biology (proteins; biophysics; bioconjugates; molecular interactions; assays)
  • Radiochemistry and stable-isotope research (tagging; imaging; separations; analysis)
  • Extensive knowledge spanning physical and life sciences

Research Interests

  • Biomembranes (neutron scattering; lipid domains; membrane models; isotopic labeling; molecular dynamics, lipidomics)
  • Secondary metabolism, metabolomics and microbial communication
  • Bioenergy, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Biomedicine and Biosecurity


Shull Wollan Center — a Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences


1. 5,756,764  Lactacystin analogs
2. 6,147,223  Lactacystin analogs
3. 6,214,862  Lactacystin analogs
4. 6,335,358  Lactacystin analogs
5. 6,458,825  Lactacystin analogs
6. 6,645,999  Lactacystin analogs for diagnosis and treatment of proteasome-mediated disorders
7. 6,838,477  Lactacystin analogsOther Patents1. WO9632105 (A1) Lactacystin analogs for inhibition of proteasomes and treatment of proteasome-mediated diseases2. DE69636902 (T2)  -  Lactacystin Analogs   

Specialized Equipment

Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer
High-performance liquid chromatograph
Fluorescence spectrometer
UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer
Isothermal titration calorimeter
Differential scanning calorimeter
Langmuir trough
Laser light-scattering system (static and dynamic light scattering)
zeta-Potential analyzer