Phillip C Chesser

R&D Staff

Phillip Chesser is an R&D engineer in the Manufacturing Systems Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF). He obtained his M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Tennessee, and his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Technological University where he led a senior design team to develop water drilling equipment for humanitarian use in Africa. While at the MDF he has worked on the development of numerous large-scale additive manufacturing processes including large-scale polymer and large-scale concrete printing systems. His work has also including applying additive manufacturing technologies to various industrial and military applications. Technologies he has worked on have been commercialized through industrial partners whom he has worked with to support. Phillip focuses on mechanical design and testing, and is an innovative problem solver. He is an inventor on multiple pending and issued patents and has authored multiple papers.


Patent US10105876B2 Apparatus for generating and dispensing a powdered release agent, Randall F. Lind, Brian K. Post, Phillip C. Chesser, Andrew P. Reis, Alex C. Roschli

Patent US10694590B2 Electromagnetic print nozzle for direct-write additive manufacturing, Orlando Rios, William G. Carter, Zachary C. Sims, Lonnie J. Love, Phillip C. Chesser

Patent Pending US20190047219A1 Polymer exhaust for eliminating extruder transients, Phillip C. Chesser, Brian K. Post, Matthew R. Sallas, Alex C. Roschli, Randall F. Lind, Lonnie J. Love

Patent Pending US20200230888A1 System and method for additive manufacturing with toolpath bridges and resultant structure, Seokpum Kim, Vlastimil Kunc, Ahmed A. Hassen, John M. Lindahl, Brian K. Post, Alex C. Roschli, Phillip C. Chesser, Michael C. Borish, Gregory D. Dreifus, Lonnie J. Love, Craig A. Blue, Bentley T. Beard

Patent Pending US20190315016A1 Cable-driven additive manufacturing system, Brian K. Post, Lonnie J. Love, Randall F. Lind, Phillip C. Chesser, Alex C. Roschli