Orlando Rios

Research Staff

Dr. Orlando Rios received his PhD from the University of Florida in materials science and engineering. He has a broad technical background that includes alloy development in aluminum, NiTi based shape memory alloys, titanium aluminides, steels, cast irons and magnesium. Orlando also has a background in electrochemical processing of semiconductors. He has technical interest in the understanding of the structure of materials and how to attain enhanced material properties through alloy design and structural modification via advanced processing. Currently, he is a Alvin Weinberg Fellow and a group member of ORNL’s materials processing group with a focus on high temperature magnetic processing and synthesis. He is working on advancing the understanding of energy related materials and energy efficient processing centered on industrially transferable technologies. Orlando is also part of a team working on the development of novel magnetocaloric materials through combinatorial studies.

Orlando’s free time is spent on a wide range of technical hobbies and outdoor sports. He likes to spend time working on automobiles and motorcycles. He is an avid outdoors person who enjoys camping, especially in the awesome Smokey Mountains, as well as fishing and hunting. He often enjoys a motorcycle ride through the many local towns connected by Tennessee and North Carolina scenic roads. Mountain biking is a sport he is pursuing here although being from Florida is a slight disadvantage in the local terrain. Orlando likes to fire up a good Cuban style BBQ on his off days, out in the open. He would like to relearn German in the near future and travel a bit further than he has in the past.