Nitin Muralidharan

R&D Associate Staff Scientist

Dr. Nitin Muralidharan is a Material Scientist and Chemical Engineer with background in the area of energy storage technologies particularly in next generation batteries. His research expertise encompasses key directions into Li, Na ion and metal batteries, solid state batteries and next-gen electrochemical energy storage systems. Nitin's current research focus is specifically towards the research and development of 'cobalt-free' Li-ion batteries enabled by our latest line of 'zero cobalt' cathode systems. Nitin and his team have also won the R&D 100 for the development of a novel co-free cathode material in 2020. He holds a Doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Materials Science from Vanderbilt University (2018) and a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Anna University (SVCE), India. Overall, he has published over 35 peer reviewed publications and was one of the early pioneers in the area of ‘mechano-electrochemistry’ with several key foundational publications/patents in the field. He was also a finalist for the Distinguished Staff Fellowship at ORNL prior to his current assignment.