Michael C Cheshire

Michael C Cheshire

Experimental Geochemistry Researcher


I am a mineralogist and geochemist having 16 years of experience within national laboratories, mining industry, and academia. I completed my Ph.D. in 2011 from Indiana University, followed by post-doctoral positions at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Laboratories researching used-nuclear fuel repository and CO2-sequestration technologies. I was hired by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2016 as an Experimental Geochemist focused on determining how subsurface processes impacts U.S.’s overall energy security. Currently, my research is focused on experimental investigations related to supercritical-CO2 interactions with shale, developing a better predictive model for how porosity/permeability evolution is related to mineral nucleation and growth, and developing new mineral separation techniques for critical metal (rare-earth elements, gallium, germanium) recovery as by-products from lean sources.


2009 Robert L. Bates Scholar, Industrial Minerals Forum
2009 SME Gerald V. Henderson Industrial Minerals Memorial Scholarship
2005 SME Industrial Minerals Division Young Scientist Award
2010-2011 Grassmann Fellowship in Clay Mineralogy, Indiana University.


Nanoscale control on geologic CO2, Critical Materials Institute, DOE Basic Energy Sciences - Geosciences


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Facilities Used

High Temperature/Pressure Geochemistry Facility, High Temperature Materials Laboratory, Spallation Neutron Source, High-Flux Isotope Reactor, ANL's Advanced Photon Source, NIST's Center for Neutron Research

Specialized Equipment

Rockland 150-T and 250-T Piston-Cylinders, Hitachi S4800 SEM, Panalytical Empyrean Powder-XRD, INEL/MWL Laue-XRD, Various Flow-Cells at High T/P, Batch Hydrothermal Systems (Rocking Autoclaves, Bolted-Closure Vessels, Cold-Sealed Vessels), Hallimond micro-Flotation Tube

User Facility