Kaushik Biswas

R&D Staff (Building Scientist)

Dr. Kaushik Biswas is an R&D staff member within the Building Envelope & Urban Systems Research group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research is focused on whole building energy performance and durability analyses, which include evaluation of roofs, attics and walls. His recent research areas and interests include evaluation of alternative technologies for mitigating heat gains and losses through building envelopes, high-performance insulation materials and systems (vacuum insulation, phase change materials), and total lifetime environmental impacts of insulation materials.  Dr. Biswas completed his PhD from Purdue University with specialization in combustion and flame radiation analysis. His other industrial experience is in investigation of building and vehicle fires.



  • PhD (2007) and MS (2004) in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN
  • B.Eng. (2001) in Mechanical Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Technological Univ., India


Work Experience

  • Jan 2011 - Present, R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Aug 2009 - Jan 2011, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • Jan 2008 - Feb 2009, Associate, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates


ORNL Significant Event Award (2014) - Won multi-million dollar competitive DOE funding
ORNL Significant Event Award (2015) – For a critical role in the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) Project unveiled on ORNL’s Industry Day during Sep, 2015


Building Technologies Research and Integration Center


Biswas K, Pengfei C, Saito T. ORNL, USA. Self-Healing Barrier Films for Vacuum Insulation Panels. Invention Disclosure 201703849, DOE S-138,503.
Saito T, Hun DE, Klett J, Biswas K, Shrestha S. ORNL, USA. Polymeric Vacuum Insulation Spheres. Invention Disclosure 201603841, DOE S-138,494.
Biswas K, Saito T, Klett J, et al. ORNL, USA. Polymer-Based Micro-Porous Vacuum Insulation Using 3D Printing. Invention Disclosure 201603833, DOE S-138,484.