Jenberu Feyyisa (Hydraulic Engineer)

Jenberu L Feyyisa

Research & Development Associate Staff

Dr. Jenberu Feyyisa is a Hydraulics Engineer within the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has strong professional experience in water resources and environmental engineering applications including: Stream low flow analysis and prediction using climate modes, Environmental flow requirement and  indicators, modeling, trend analysis, design, supervision and monitoring of several water supply, Irrigation, flood control, watershed development, and hydro power projects. Before joining ORNL, Jenberu works for the State of North Carolina, in the Division of Water Resources as a senior Water resources planning Engineer and Environmental Consultant since 2018. He is responsible for the analysis and interpretation of surface and ground water quality and quantity across the 17 basins of the state. Recently he studied Low Flow Characteristics for gauged streams across the state.

Jenberu received his PhD in Infrastructure and Environmental systems from University of North Carolina at Charlotte (USA) in 2017. His dissertation entitled “Engineered water repellency for infiltration control in coal fly ash”. He also holds a M.Sc. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (USA) in 2014. His Thesis was entitled “A Stochastic approach in Groundwater flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling (a case study of Buffalo Watershed, North Carolina). He has also received a B.Sc. degree in Hydraulic Engineering (Ethiopia). 




Stream low flow prediction using large scale climate modes

Characterizing development/retrofit projects using existing non-powered infrastructure


An Assessment of Non-Powered Dam Hydropower Development Opportunities in the United States.



The Role of Ash Mineralogy on Breakthrough Pressure and Contact Angle: A Statistical Evaluation

Relationship between breakthrough pressure and contact angle for organo-silane treated coal fly ash

Contact Angle Measurements for Use in Specifying Organosilane-Modified Coal Combustion Fly Ash

A Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement Technique for Water-Repellent Coal Fly Ash (CFA)

Water Repellency for Ash Containment and Reuse


Conference papers and Proceedings

Groundwater Flow Modelling in the Shallow Aquifer of Buffalo Creek, Greensboro

Engineered water repellency: An evolving approach to infiltration control

Extent and fate of contaminant in the shallow aquifer of Buffalo Creek, Greensboro NC

QUAL2K Water Quality Analysis and Source Locations Identification: A Case Study of North Buffalo Stream

Alternative Management Strategy of Solid Waste in Developing Countries, Nairobi Kenya Case Study