Hsiu-Wen Wang

JINS Research Associate

Hsiu-Wen Wang is a Research Scientist at the Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with full support from the Geochemistry and Interfacial Sciences Group at ORNL. She established herself as an expert in total scattering techniques, contribution new insights into local order in both homogeneous and heterogeneous material systems, and interaction in zeolite and finite nanoparticle materials. Her research interests remain in garnering insight into complex functional materials, both bulk and nano, through advances in structural characterization. Ph.D, 2011, Indiana University Bloomington, Mineralogy and Geosciences.


2011 American Crystallographic Association; Pauling Poster Prize Winner
2010 Indiana University Bloomington; Estwing Award for Graduate Student Research
2008-10 Indiana University Bloomington; Grassmann Fellowship
2007 Clay Mineral Society; Excellence in Student Poster Award
2007 Indiana University Bloomington; Associate Instructor Teaching Award
2006 Bruker AXS excellence in X-ray diffraction scholarship