Gabriele Sala

CHESS Lead Instrument Scientist

Gabriele Sala obtained a BC degree in Physics and Astrophysics, and a Master degree in Physics of Matter from University of Ferrara, Italy (2005-2010). He received his PhD in Condensed Matter from Royal Holloway University of London, UK (2011-2014), working in close contact with University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. He then moved to Canada, at McMaster University, for his first appointment as a Post Doc (2015-2016) and, finally, he joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as a Post Doc and local contact at the Cold Neutron Chopper Spectrometer, CNCS, (2016-2019). Since 2019 he is the leading Instrument Scientist for the Time-of-Flight Chopper Spectrometer, CHESS, at Second Target Station.

Gabriele’s research concentrates on using neutron scattering to study quantum materials, crystal field excitations and magnons. Gabriele is also an expert in Monte Carlo techniques that he uses extensively for his projects and data analysis.