Dong Ma

Dong Ma

VULCAN Instrument Scientist


--Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Instrument Scientist, VULCAN, Chemical and Engineering Materials Division (2010-present).
User support and instrument operation/development; Ongoing research activities include
diffraction studies of nanostructured ferritic alloys and bulk metallic glasses.

Research Associate (2005-2010). Investigated atomic structure, phase transformation
and mechanical properties of bulk amorphous alloys using neutron and synchrotron
x-ray scattering.

--University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Research Associate, Department of Materials Science & Engineering (2003-2005).
Conducted solidification processing of aluminum alloys and microstructure
characterization for thermodynamic database development; Designed and
developed new bulk metallic glasses.


ResearcherID: G-5198-2011

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Facilities Used

Spallation Neutron Source
Advanced Photon Source

Specialized Equipment

Neutron and synchrotron x-ray diffraction
Mechanical testing

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